Resources for Teaching Writing

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence has put together various guides and bibliographies to help you with specific topics pertaining to the teaching of writing in your classes. 

Designing Writing Assignments for Deep Learning. This resource provides a process for designing (or redesigning) your writing assignments so they align with your course learning goals, resulting in a cohesive design that will help students learn content and achieve your learning goals. The page also links to additional resources for scaffolding (breaking down a larger assignment), naming assignments, and other resources and best practices for assignment design.

Examples of Effective Writing Assignments. Browse some of the best writing assignments we've seen across disciplines at Miami.

Resources for Teaching Grammar Rhetorically. These resources can help you teach grammar rhetorically and respond to grammar in context. We also cover responding to English language learners, which can be useful for responding to all writers.

Resources for Teaching Literature Reviews. This page covers what literature reviews are and how students (both undergraduate and graduate) can write them.

Supporting Graduate Writers. This resource provides guiding principles and recommendations (all backed by research) for supporting graduate student writers in your courses, in your advising, and across your programs.

Facilitating Effective Peer Response. Review our recommendations on peer response, which emphasize the importance of spending time to plan logistics and prepare students with prompts and tools for providing useful feedback.

Creating Capstone Assignments. In this document, we provide recommendations and resources on creating effective capstone assignments that use writing as a means of learning.