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Cellular and Data Stipend Request

The University will provide to eligible employees a monthly cellular and/or data stipend to partially offset their out of pocket expense. Employees may be eligible for a voice-only or a voice and data stipend.


The amount of the stipend is approximately 75 percent of real cost based on comparable plans offered by Miami's office of telecommunications. Please see the full cell phone policy in the Miami University Policy Library.

Managers can request mobile data stipends for new hires through ProcessMaker when submitting the Employment Recommendation or by completing the Mobile Data Stipend Form in ProcessMaker for existing employees.

Miami employees may purchase mobile devices and/or cellular service through the Office of Telecommunications.

Mobile Data Stipends are broken out into the following options:

Monthly Reimbursement Tiering
Tier Reimbursement amount per month
Voice—Low (1-250 minutes/month) $19
Voice—Regular (251-500 minutes/month) $30
Voice—High (501-1000 minutes/month) $37
Data (2GB/month) $20
Texting $11


Tablet and laptop devices bought by the university are the property of the university. Some staff will be able to receive a stipend toward a tablet data plan. A university-paid data plan on a tablet or laptop may be provided in full to an employee upon the written approval of a vice president or the president when the following conditions are met:

  • the device and/or data plan are essential to the employee's ability to perform his or her duties; and
  • the device and/or data plan are used exclusively for university business.


The stipend will be included in the employee's paycheck and is taxable to the employee. Department heads should review phone needs annually.