Tuition Fee Waiver

Employees are eligible for the waiver once hired into a full-time position. Spouses and children are eligible once the eligible employee has been employed in a full-time position for three consecutive years. MUPIM provides additional eligibility details.

How to Apply

  • The electronic tuition fee waiver request is available via BannerWeb under Employee Services Online.
  • When you request the fee waiver for a dependent child in BannerWeb, you must also complete the Dependent Certification online.
  • Benefits will review your information and make a determination regarding your eligibility and notify the Office of the Bursar.

When and How Often to Apply

  • A tuition fee waiver will cover an entire academic year (fall through summer) as long as you and your dependents continue to be eligible.
  • It is recommended that you apply for the fee waiver for the fall semester by June 30, so that the waiver can be seen on the student's first bursar bill.
  • You need only apply once per year.

Paying Fees

Employees enrolled in payroll deduction may elect to pay for educational expenses (books, fees, etc.) in installments. Please visit OneStop for more information. 

Taxability of Graduate Courses

Graduate course tuition in excess of $5,250 may be taxable to you. Please refer to IRS publication 970 for additional information.

Miami Retiree Request for Fee Waiver

Some Miami retirees and dependents are eligible for the fee waiver. MUPIM provides additional eligibility details. Request the waiver

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