Travel Abroad Policy

The Health Services Center on the Oxford Campus provides vaccinations to faculty and staff when they have an assignment abroad and an immunization is recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Payment for the vaccinations will be covered by the department or international workshop or grant budget. To qualify for this benefit, you must provide documentation to the Health Services Center authorizing a transfer of funds to cover the cost of the vaccinations.

Miami University does not pay for vaccinations for employees on vacation or family members accompanying employees abroad. The Miami University Health Plan does not cover the cost of vaccinations for travel. The Butler County Health Department, Passport Health and Global Health Services are some of the community resources available for these vaccinations.

It is recommended that travelers have certain medications available to them. Generally, these are medications that treat gastrointestinal upset, parasites, or malaria. These medications are covered by the Miami health plan and should be secured through your family physician.

Miami works with local and global providers who offer faculty and staff varying levels of coverage for health, safety, and security abroad. More information can be found at Education Abroad/Health Insurance.

Below is information that can be carried with you while traveling. It contains contact information for Miami University and Travel Assist.

Insured Organization: Inter-University Council
Policy Number: WR10003560

WorldRisk Travel Assist *01-817-826-7008 or within the U.S. or Canada, 800-401-2678
MUPD Dispatch 513-529-2222
MU Benefits 513-529-3120,
MU HR 513-529-3131

GeoBlue Travel Insurance

Any employee or faculty member, or even parents of students planning to visit their student abroad, can purchase GeoBlue supplemental insurance under a contract Global Assistance Program has negotiated for the workshops. Faculty and staff can contact the Education Abroad office by calling 513-529-8600 to learn more about the insurance program.