VSP TruHearing Summary

VSP is the only vision plan to make this program available to its members.

TruHearing is the first and only state-approved discount health medical organization (DHMO) for hearing; it is not insurance. TruHearing offers only the newest models of hearing aids with the latest technology, from five of the world's leading manufacturers.

TruHearing® Hearing Aid Discount Program

Like vision loss, hearing loss can have a huge impact on workplace productivity and overall quality of life. In fact, the largest hearing impaired group in the United States is comprised of those under the age of 65-many of whom are still in the workforce and leading active lives. 30 million Americans need hearing aids. And yet, 70% don't have hearing aids because they can't afford them.

TruHearing is making hearing aids affordable for all VSP® Vision Care members by providing free enrollment ($108 value) in the TruHearing MemberPlus® Program. What's more, members can add their covered dependents and other family members to enjoy the same great savings.

TruHearing Membership

  • Access to a national network of more than 4,000 licensed hearing aid professionals
  • Selection of more than 90 digital hearing aids in 400 styles
  • Savings of up to $1,300 per hearing aid purchase
  • Deep discounts on additional batteries

Hearing Aids Purchase

  • Includes three professional visits
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 48 replacement batteries

Best of all, if your organization already offers a hearing aid benefit, members can combine it with this program to maximize the benefit and reduce their out-of-pocket expense.

  1. Enroll at vsp.truhearing.com or call TruHearing at 877-396-7194. (Members must identify themselves as being with VSP.)
  2. Call TruHearing to schedule an appointment.
  3. Attend appointment, receive exam, and purchase hearing aids at the MemberPius price.

All transactions are between the VSP member and TruHearing. Learn more about this VSP member offer at vsp.truhearing.com.

The relationship between VSP and TruHearing is that of independent contractors. VSP makes no endorsement, representations or warranties regarding any products or services offered by TruHearing, a third-party vendor. The vendor is solely responsible for the products or services offered by them. If you have any questions regarding the services offered here, you should contact the vendor directly.