Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees and their families who have personal and/or work-related concerns.  

Program Features

Live, Immediate Assistance 800-227-6007

Unlimited phone consultation with a licensed mental health professional

Face-to-Face Counseling Services

Five counseling sessions per person, per occurrence

Comprehensive Work/Life Website

  • Mobile friendly, self-service information on everyday living issues and concerns via:
  • Articles, tip sheets, and other resources
  • Webinars
  • Workplace leadership tools
  • Referral Locators including child, elder, and pet care
  • Self-assessments and surveys
  • Legal documents such as advanced directives and property agreements
  • Free ID monitoring through the financial center

Telephonic Coaching Services

  • Elder/adult/caregiver support
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • Tobacco Cessation
8, 30-minute sessions or 4, 1-hour sessions

Legal Assistance

  • 30-minute appointment
  • General advice and guidance
  • Discounts for most on-going legal services
  • 24-hour emergency services in the case of being arrested/jailed

Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery

Phone consultation with a Fraud Resolution SpecialistTM regarding reducing your risk of ID theft and tools to independently resolve your issue if you are the victim of ID theft.

Financial Services

Consultation with financial counselors and educators

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Miami University offering an enhanced EAP with a Work/Life program?

Our faculty and staff are key to Miami’s success in achieving our mission and we continue to research opportunities to provide quality, value-added benefits. 

Who is eligible to use the IMPACT Solutions EAP?

All part-time and full-time faculty and staff, spouse/partner, all household members, dependents in and away from home, and parents/parents-in-law.

What are some of the IMPACT Solutions EAP services?

  • Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Marital and; Divorce, Relationship issues
  • Family and Parenting Problems
  • Alcohol and other Drug Dependencies
  • Budget and Debt Problems
  • Bereavement and other Losses
  • Workplace stress
  • Child and eldercare needs
  • Legal matters
  • Identity Theft

What additional services are included through the Work/Life program?

IMPACT offers access to confidential professional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with numerous qualified masters/doctoral level counselors to assist you and your family.

  • This program also includes access to telephonic coaching services with qualified specialists who can help individuals with specific requests such as:
    • Adult/Eldercare/Caregiver Support: offers referrals for in-home care providers, assisted living providers, and skilled nursing facilities, literature on caregiving, insurance, and end-of-life decisions.
    • Nutritional: offers assistance and education in dietary recommendations to improve overall health, goal setting, and meal planning on a budget.
    • Mindfulness: offers strategies to improve your ability to relax and develop greater self-awareness skills as well as creating new habits for paying attention that can decrease stress and internal friction.
  • Financial guidance and consultation provided by qualified financial counselors
  • Legal assistance including a 30-minute complimentary consultation, 24/7 emergency support in the event of being jailed or arrested, and discounted services, in most cases, when you need additional legal support.
  • Identity Theft Recovery Assistance including 60-minute consultation with a fraud resolution specialist to assist with restoring your identity and credit standing as well as guidance on protective measures to avoid further identity theft occurrences. IMPACT also offers Free identity monitoring available on our website under the Financial center.

How much do I have to pay for these services?

You pay nothing. IMPACT offers access to complimentary, confidential professional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with numerous qualified master's/doctoral level counselors to assist you and your family manage a wide range of work/life matters.

How do I get started?

Just call the IMPACT number for live CONFIDENTIAL immediate assistance: 800-227-6007. Regardless of when you call (day or night), you will speak with a mental health professional who can provide you with support and guidance to navigate your present situation. For additional information and to preview a short orientation video, log on to the web at allonehealth.com/impact-solutions/.
  • Click on the green MY LIFE EXPERT LOGIN button 
  • Click SIGN UP to create your new account
  • Enter Miamioh as the Company Code.

Is my contact with IMPACT Solutions confidential?

Absolutely! All services are confidential and governed by federal and state laws. Information will not be shared without your consent or as mandated by law. Using the program will not affect your job security or advancement and all organizational policies and procedures remain in effect.

What happens when I call the EAP for assistance?

You can contact the IMPACT EAP 24 hours per day, seven days per week by calling the toll-free confidential helpline at 800-227-6007, and giving your name is optional, not required. Regardless of when you call (day or night), you will speak with a mental health professional who can provide you with support and guidance to navigate your present situation. Authorizations for counseling and other resource referrals are coordinated by our Triage Counselors during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). They will identify a network provider that is suited to meet your needs, answer any questions you may have about the counseling process, and follow up to make sure your needs have been met and you do not need any further assistance.

How are face-to-face counseling services provided?

Our EAP provides up to 5 complimentary sessions per issue. We always keep the door open though, so if you use your EAP sessions and a new situation flares up, you may see an EAP counselor again to re-assess what is needed. You may use EAP counseling services more than once in a year if it’s for a different problem.

EAP counseling services are intended for brief counseling interventions. In the event additional services are needed such as psychiatric service, long-term counseling/psychotherapy, etc., contact your medical plan representative or refer to your healthcare plan for an explanation of covered services.

What happens if I need more than the 5 complimentary visits?

There is no charge to you for the telephone counseling, 5 face-to-face counseling sessions or the referral services provided by the IMPACT EAP. We will make every effort to select an EAP provider that also participates in your health care plan. If the EAP counselor determines more extensive counseling is needed, you will be able to continue with treatment beyond the 5 EAP sessions using your health care plan. You may have a deductible and/or co-pay at this time but would not need to change providers unless you so choose.

How can I use the IMPACT Solutions EAP on the web?

Your IMPACT website is mobile friendly and provides a wide range of resources that will help you and your family build resilience and manage life’s challenges.

  • Mobile friendly access – connect anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, with an individual login option to store your favorite content
  • Thousands of resource articles and tip sheets - addressing family and care-giving, health and wellness, emotional well-being, building resilience to stress, personal and professional skill development, legal matters, financial calculators, daily living, and many other topics
  • Interactive self-search locators for child/elder care, adoption, education, pet sitting, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Editable legal documents, including wills, bills of sale, demands and releases, property agreements, advanced directives by state, and others
  • Interactive e-learning sessions, health assessments, educational resources, and numerous financial and health-related calculators and tools

How do I log into my IMPACT EAP website?

  1. Go to allonehealth.com/impact-solutions/
  2. Click the green MY LIFE EXPERT LOGIN.
  3. If you haven't yet created an account, click on the green SIGN UP button to do so.
  4. If you have an account, enter your username and password and log in.

Is IMPACT Solutions ADA accessible?

Your IMPACT EAP is committed to providing services that are accessible to all individual needs. The website is ADA friendly and individuals may contact the IMPACT 24/7 helpline using the local relay service by dialing 711. IMPACT also offers clinical providers that communicate through ASL (American Sign Language) when face-to-face counseling services are needed.

The IMPACT EAP Website follows the federal web accessibility standards noted in Section 508 Subpart B Electronic and Information Technology. In addition, the majority of the site also meets the W3C WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA.

Impact Solutions

Call 800-227-6007 or visit Impact Solutions, using the company name,  Miamioh .