Academic Integrity Ambassadors

Academic Integrity Ambassadors are peer leaders who provide education around academic integrity issues. They promote campus resources, facilitate dialogue, and encourage students to practice the work ethic and responsibility that is expected of all Miami students and will be expected in future endeavors. Ambassadors are guided by the following principles:  

  1. Learning: Share information through facilitated dialogue in regard to the Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy, access to campus resources, and ways to maintain integrity. 
  2. Understanding: Recognize that Miami's definition of and expectations for academic integrity may differ from what students may have experienced before or perhaps is a new concept in its entirety. 
  3. Reflection: Engaged students to reflect on the ways in which they choose to complete their academic work and to seek improvement where necessary. Encourage students to think critically about how academic dishonesty affects our community; including oneself, peers, and faculty.

We are now recruiting for Academic Integrity Ambassadors! The minimum term of an ambassador is 1 year. Applications are due December 3, 2021.

Application Process: 

  • Applications close February 18, 2022


  • Must have completed one (1) semester at Miami by the start of the ambassador term (Spring 2022).
  • Must not be found responsible for any cases of dishonesty during ambassador term; including academic and as a dishonesty violation of the Code of Student Conduct. 


  • Provide peer education through presentations, tabling, University sponsored events, and other outreach as determined by the members of the organization.
  • Create social media content to bring awareness to academic integrity.


  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Opportunity to highlight position on resume for future endeavors
  • Academic Integrity t-shirt


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