Things to Avoid on Online Tutoring and Homework Help Sites


We know it may seem convenient to get help from an online entity vs. an in-person tutor. But, depending on the site's offerings and your use, it may be academic dishonesty. We recommend speaking to your course instructor before accessing sites like Chegg, Khan Academy, Cymath, Photomath, Symbolab, etc. prior to use for explicit permission.

See below for things to avoid on online tutoring and homework help sites:

Expert Q&A

While you may think you are asking a question to an online expert, there is often little to no follow-up conversation. Meaning, there is little to no actual learning taking place during the exchange. In order for a tutoring experience to be helpful, the component of discussion is essential.

Math Solvers

It is never a good idea to input your problem into a solution-based resource as these sources often pull from assignments completed by others. While the given solution may be correct, it is not your work and the process to completion can be varied.

Homework Solutions

Like math solvers, homework solutions produce solutions completed by others.