IT Software & Cloud Services Risk Review and Software Guidance

Miami faculty and staff that wish to obtain software for research, administrative use, or course work are required to engage directly with their Academic Director of Technology, their Divisional IT Representative, their Technical Support staff, or directly with IT Services for guidance/assistance/support. This applies to ALL software, immaterial of cost, including zero cost (free), educational use, general public use, or any other legal definition.

Please note that IT Services is first and foremost here to help and support you and your software needs. Please keep in mind it's not our goal to prevent software purchases but to make educated and informed decisions to ensure our legal compliance with each vendor. This process is to protect students, faculty, and staff and limit the risk exposure to the University. 

Who Does This Apply To?

University employees who have the authority to make purchases on behalf of a department/division.

How To Get Started

Please visit Institutional Software to select the service offering that best fits your needs. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar we are here to assist:

  • Do you have questions about software or need to obtain a quote?
  • Do you wish to purchase standard software for yourself or for your team?
  • Do you wish to have a software application reviewed for use?
  • Not sure if your software purchase needs approval from legal, security, or accessibility?
  • Are you lost in the Buyway punchout catalog?
  • Has your Buyway requisition stalled due to vendor non-acceptance of suggested edits to Terms by Miami?
  • Do you just want some help?

Some helpful items to include on the request forms to Obtain a Quote, Purchase Software, or Get Advice:

  • Software title
  • Platform (Windows, Mac, hosted on vendor site)
  • Index code for billing
  • How will the software be used? (In a classroom for coursework, administrative use, facilities management, research purposes only, etc.)
  • Device Name (installed on the following devices(s))
  • Who will be using the software? 
  • Additional details you wish to share

Some helpful items to include on the request form for Software & Cloud Services Risk Review:

  • Name of Requestor
  • Product Name, publisher, and/or manufacturer
  • Web address of the software being requested
  • How will the software be used?
  • Describe the nature or purpose of this product and additional details on how it will be used
  • Link to Terms of Service
  • Approximately how many individuals will use this software?
  • How do users get first-time access to the software?
  • How do users authenticate for ongoing use?
  • Software Licensing Model
  • What type of data is available to this application?
  • How will the software be paid for?
  • Who is the primary IT owner?
  • Software Support Model

The Process

Once this information has been submitted through the appropriate request form, the IT Purchases team will:

  1. Review the software request and make an initial determination of the best course of action.
  2. Begin the necessary next steps for the review of the request.
  3. Work with Miami’s vendors and the requestor’s office.
  4. Get you the answers you need.