2021 Session Descriptions

"Wait... it's that easy? Using Built-In Accessibility Features on Everyday Devices"

Did you know that there are built-in features in everyday technology? In this session, we will explore the accessibility features baked into technology such as your phones, tablets, and other personal computing devices. We will also discuss specific accessibility features available in the applications commonly used.

Presented by: Dan Darkow (Miller Center for Student Disability Services) and Sean Poley (AccessMU Center)

"The Diverse Uses of Assistive Technology"

The Diverse Uses of Assistive Technology: Assistive technology is defined as the devices and tools used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. But what exactly is Assistive Technology? Is it only devices and tools designed for AT purposes or is it anything that can help an individual with a disability perform those difficult functions? This presentation will look at all types of assistive technology from the high-tech specialty devices to common items that can have amazing impacts on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their success and independence. We will look at emerging technologies and the impact that they can have on the world of disability. Participants will come away from this presentation with a whole new perspective of the world of AT and the world of technology as a whole.

Presented by: Josh Anderson, Manager, Clinical Assistive Technology, Easterseals Crossroads and Host of Assistive Technology Update, the #1-ranked assistive technology podcast.

"Get Your Gauges Up with Ally because Accessible Content is Better Content"

Ally - Reporting and Remediation: Blackboard Ally is an Award-Winning Accessibility Solution designed to assist faculty in creating alternative formats for better quality, usability & accessibility of content, for everyone! Ally can guide instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their course content. Join us to learn how to get "Get Your Gauges Up" in your Canvas course(s).

Presented by: Autumn Meade (AccessMU Center) and Cyndi Govreau (Miami Online)

"Virtual reality, immersive environments, and augmented reality: Accessibility and User Requirements"

This session will review the drafted set of accessibility considerations for xR and persons with disabilities. xR, or Extended Reality, is an umbrella term for mixing reality with digital content, which includes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We will also provide an introduction to the Virtual Reality Lab in the Miami University library.

Presented by: Laura Fathauer (AccessMU Center) and Elias Tzoc (Libraries)