Competitive Process Proposals (FY22)

Here you will find a list of all the project proposals that were accepted and the amount funded for each. More details can be found by exploring each proposal.

For more information about proposals that weren't funded or to view previous years' project proposals, please email

College of Arts and Science Proposals

College of Creative Arts Proposals

LED Lighting for Gates-Abegglen and Studio 88 Theaters

Requestor: Marly Wooster

Amount: $200,047

Dolby Atmos Production Studio for Music, Gaming, and Immersive Audio

Requestor: Eric Sheffield

Amount: $25,095

College of Engineering and Computing Proposals

Acquisition of Electronic Devices and Circuits 3D Printer

Requestor: Xinyi Xiao

Amount: $10,000

Heat Exchanger for CPB Laboratories

Requestor: Jason Boock

Amount: $27,900

A Surface Characterization Device for Engineering Labs and Senior Design Projects

Requestor: Dr. Amy Yousefi

Amount: $15,000



Tangential Flow Membrane Filtration System

Requestor: Jason Berberich

Amount: $9,974

Measurements, Instrumentation, and Control Systems Lab Improvement

Requestor: Mark Sidebottom

Amount: $26,300

Acquisition of a Stereo Microscope for Enhancing the Teaching Capacity in the Manufacturing and Materials Lab classes

Requestor: Yingbin Hu

Amount: $44,855

College of Education, Health, and Society Proposals

Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning in Kinesiology and Sport Science Using Eye Tracking Technology

Requestor: William Berg

Amount: $31,772

Daily physical activity monitoring for health

Requestor: Alex Bagg

Amount: $6,504

Technology for Golf Swing Analysis and Feedback

Requestor: Eric Slattery

Amount: $18,895

Equestrian Center In-Barn Sound System

Requestor: Beth Frey

Amount: $24,000

Farmer School of Business Proposals

There are no proposals this year

Miami University Libraries Proposals

Library Software Checkout Expansion

Requestor: Michael Bomholt

Amount: $38,409

Health and Wellness Kits for Checkout

Requestor: Lindsay Miller

Amount: $1,100

Laser Cutter and Engraver

Requestor: Sarah Nagle

Amount: $12,849


Requestor: Lori Chapin

Amount: $16,554

OWL Video Conferencing for Library Checkout

Requestor: John Millard

Amount: $4,192

Long term Loan Chromebooks

Requestor: Michael Bomholt

Amount: $15,284

Proposals Affiliated with Other Departments

There are no proposals this year

Student Affairs Proposals

There are no proposals this year