Competitive Process Proposals (FY23)

Here you will find a list of all the project proposals that were accepted and the amount funded for each. More details can be found by exploring each proposal.

For more information about proposals that weren't funded or to view previous years' project proposals, please email

College of Arts and Science Proposals

Peer Review Platforms

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $30,000

Enhancing Access to Cutting-Edge Technology in Human Neuroscience

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $13,784

Anthropology Lab & Field Learning Technologies

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $7,125

Ultra High Definition 4K video production suites

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $18,426

Audiovisual Equipment Replacement for Irvin Hall 130

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $5,076

VR/AR for Bridging the Digital Divide

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $7,596

Upgrading General Biology Laboratories with Digital Microscopy

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $28,997

Temperature Controlled Hot Plates and Micropipettes for Use in Fermentation, Analytical Chemistry, and Biochemical Engineering Lab Courses

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $9,082

Online Literacy Instruction (OLI) Certification for TAs Teaching English Composition

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $2,500

Acquisition of carbon coater for the Center for Advanced Microscopy and Imaging

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $36,616

Tools Empower Digital Cataloging and 3D Imaging by Student Curators

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $7,193

Acquiring a new high-speed camera for imaging on the fluorescent microscope

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $2,218

College of Creative Arts Proposals

Alumni Hall Laser Cutter 2

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $75,149

College of Engineering and Computing Proposals

Supporting Big Data Skills Across Departments

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $24,148

Acquisition of a high-speed streaming camera for undergraduate labs, senior design projects, and research

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $29,000

Goniometer U4 Series Camera Upgrade Kit

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $3,990

CODE Servers: A Program Assessment and Teaching System

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $20,000

Computers and upgrades for the Smart Factory Laboratory

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $55,150

Biosafety Cabinets for Tissue Engineering Laboratory in Biomedical Engineering

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $25,000

College of Education, Health, and Society Proposals

Sport Analytics Database Software

Requestor: Ryan Chen

Amount: $5,250

Learning to Reduce Stress and Improve Health Via Biofeedback

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $5,121

Technology-based Assessment in School Psychology

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $24,486

Supporting Graduate Students Teaching and Learning with a focus on qualitative research technologies

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $15,290

The Efficacy of the Standardized Patient Model for Preservice Teachers Engaging in Difficult Discourses

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $1,820

Workstation Laptops for Sport Analytics Experiential Learning

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $8,000

Farmer School of Business Proposals

Improving the Center for Research in User Experience's (CRUX) emotional arousal measurement capabilities

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $1,115

Miami University Libraries Proposals

eReserves Plus for Integration of Library Resources into Canvas

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $59,800

Expanding Equipment Capabilities in the Makerspace

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $15,000

Upgrade public iMacs in the Libraries for student use.

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $40,475

Chromebook expansion

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $10,956

Proposals Affiliated with Other Departments

Let’s keep the innovation going: Revitalizing tech infrastructure to better serve students, faculty, and staff at the Center for Community Engagement

Requestor: xxx

Amount: $15,739

Student Affairs Proposals

There are no proposals this year