Capstone Proposal (3 hours at the 400-level)

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The Capstone Experience, completed near the end of baccalaureate studies, integrates liberal learning with specialized knowledge. Each Capstone emphasizes sharing of ideas, synthesis, and critical, informed reflection as significant precursors to action, and each includes student initiative in defining and investigating problems or projects.

Capstones may be completed in or outside students' majors; in some departments, the Capstone Experience may be a requirement of the major. All Capstones presume a significant scholarly background of specialized study in a major as well as in liberal education course work. In other words, a Capstone does more than culminate years of baccalaureate study: it culminates a student's liberal education.

A course being used to fulfill the Liberal Education Capstone requirement cannot be used simultaneously for any foundation, thematic sequence, advanced writing, or intercultural perspectives requirements. It can be used in the experiential learning requirement.

Please note, there is a moratorium on new Senior Capstone proposals until fall of 2021. If you are proposing changes to an existing capstone, please ensure that you have the following elements:

Faculty and Departments who wish to apply for the Senior Capstone designation can use the following checklist to prepare their course for the CIM system:

  1. Include specific information in CIM about how the course will meet the 2 GMP competencies for Written Communication and Critical Thinking.  Note that a short statement in language that is appropriate for a Syllabus is also required for each.

  2. Provide clear guidelines for the Integrative Learning competency, i.e. the culminating or final project that illustrates the project or integrative learning that is student initiated, designed, and developed. A detailed description of the student-initiated project should be included in this text box, or attached as a separate file.  

  3. Ensure the overall course Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are also included in the CIM page.

  4. Upload the course syllabus, which includes:

    a. A description of the course, course goals, and a statement explaining how the course meets
        the Senior Capstone requirement. A short student-centered explanation of how the major
        student learning outcomes of Written Communication, Critical Thinking and the final
        student-initiated project will be met should also be included.

  5. Please note: Proposers no longer need to provide information regarding the “Assessment Instrument” requirement that appears in the CIM page.