Miami Plan Course Proposals

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Departments and individual faculty can propose either new or existing courses for GMP Foundation approval. Ideally, departments will identify key courses they wish to include in the Global Miami Plan that have held the designation in the past or are permanent courses already offered on a regular basis. New, temporary courses may be accepted to meet GMP requirements, but only courses that are fully approved by the department, division, Council of Academic Deans, and University Senate will be listed on the Liberal Education web page and in the Bulletin.

Process and Timeline for Approval

Departments that would like to submit a course for approval are encouraged to consult with the Liberal Education Council or Dr. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg in advance to receive support and feedback. Faculty proposers or departments are encouraged to schedule an appointment by contacting Dr. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg (

The LEC conducts review of proposals on a rotating basis, approximately every two weeks. All courses are evaluated by two members of the LEC and written feedback will be provided for all proposals. The committee will make a recommendation for approval or revision.

  • If it is recommended for approval, the committee will share this recommendation with the proposer and pass its recommendation to University Senate.
  • If revision is requested, the committee will share its questions with the proposer via email and/or request revisions based on the committee feedback. Faculty also are welcomed either to attend one of LEC’s regular meetings or, again, meet with Dr. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg or other LEC members.
    • If revisions are necessary, the proposal will be returned through CIM, and the Liberal Education Office will email the proposer with suggestions for revision. Once the proposal is resubmitted, LEC members will make every effort to review it as soon as possible.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Curriculum Management System (CIM), contact the Registrar (

For questions regarding GMP and Thematic Sequences, contact Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, (

For questions regarding Advanced Writing requirements, contact Elizabeth Wardle (

Fall Semester 2020 Course Proposal Schedule
Proposals Submitted By: Will Be Reviewed By:
8/25/20 9/4/20
9/8/20 9/18/20
9/22/20 10/2/20
10/6/20 10/16/20
10/20/20 10/30/20
11/3/20 11/13/20
11/17/20 12/4/20