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Crisis Management Team

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) responds to an immediate crisis and manages any post-crisis campus needs.  The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is a task force of professionals from key offices on campus.  CMT representatives possess strategic expertise and influence on campus. The team consists of representatives from the Office of the President, Finance and Business Services, Student Life, Academic Affairs, Physical Facilities and Auxiliary Services, Information Technology Services, University Communications, and Marketing, and MUPD.  Other offices and departments are included as needed.  The CMT is led by the university's Vice President for Finance and Business Services.

Miami has established a Crisis Management Team (CMT) to carry out crisis management plans accordingly. The Crisis Management Team's authority includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Student and employee safety
  • External and internal communication, includign email listservs an web pages
  • Preparation and response to health emergencies
  • Liason with healthcare and emergency agencies
  • Physical Access to the university, its buildings, labratories, and grounds
  • Information Technology Services
  • All purchasing and contracting, including temporary staff
  • Emergency payments or loans to staff and vendors
  • Receipts of goods and services
  • Utility/Facility restoration
  • Personnel and benefits actions
  • Space assignment
  • Class Schedules

The Care Team

The Care Team serves as a centralized coordinated body for discussion and action (through intervention practices) regarding students exhibiting behaviors that indicate distress, cause a disturbance in the community, and/or present a danger to oneself or others.

Committed to proactive, early intervention, the Care Team supports students directly and through consultation with campus partners. When necessary, the Care Team also assesses the risk of harm to the University community and coordinates appropriate action to protect the safety of individual students and the University community or property. Additionally, the Care Team has primary responsibility for soliciting/receiving information from members of the community about potentially at-risk students/situations.

The Care Team is a multi-disciplinary team that brings together representatives from major areas of the University including Student Life, Enrollment Management and Student Success, and Law Enforcement. The Dean of Students or designee serves as the leader of the Care Team.

Institutional Preparedness Team

The Institutional Preparedness Team (IPT) is a committee of professionals representing a broad range of offices and expertise on campus. The team consists of mental health, health, residence life, and student conduct professionals, legal and media counsel, police, and faculty, and is convened by the university's Vice President for Student Life.  

The IPT meets at the beginning of each term (fall, spring, and summer) to forecast potential challenges and anticipate trends to engage in strategic thinking that best positions the University to respond.  The IPT coordinates proactive efforts in the areas of training, education, messaging, and plan development to ready the campus for potential impact.  The IPT focuses its attention on macro-level preparedness.

The IPT works in partnership with the Crisis Management Team (CMT) in the event of an emergency.  The CMT handles the immediate crisis and manages any post-crisis campus needs.

Employee Institutional Response Team (E-IRT)

In addition to the Institutional Preparedness Team (IPT), Miami University has an Employee Institutional Response Team (E-IRT) that responds when there is concern that an employee poses a risk of substantial harm to himself/herself, to others or to property.

The E-IRT consists of representatives of various campus offices.

If you have concerns that an employee may pose a risk of substantial harm to himself/herself, to someone else, or to property, we encourage you to contact co-chairs Ruth Groom (for faculty or staff in academic affairs units) or Dawn Fahner (for classified staff and unclassified staff in non-academic units). If they are unavailable, please contact any E-IRT member listed below.

For immediate potential danger call 911, or Miami University police at 513-529-2222 for the Oxford campus. Hamilton campus security can be reached at 513-785-3222; Middletown campus security can be reached at 513-727-3333 and at the Voice of America Learning Center, call 513-895-8862 daytime and 513-330-1530 in the evening.

Also, please make time to view a 6-minute public service announcement about what to do if you are in the area of an active shooter. This advice reflects law enforcement theory on how to respond to a shooter.

For more information about the university’s emergency responses, see University Response.