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Excellence and Expertise

Lana Kay Rosenberg and Brent Shock receive the Miami University Distinguished Service Award

One of Miami’s premier awards, the Distinguished Service Award recognizes faculty or staff who have made a significant impact on the life and mission of Miami University

Excellence and Expertise

Lana Kay Rosenberg and Brent Shock receive the Miami University Distinguished Service Award

Lana Kay Rosenberg, associate professor of Sport Leadership and Management and artistic director of Miami University Dance Theatre, and Brent Shock, former vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS), are honored with Miami University’s 2024 Distinguished Service Award. 

The Distinguished Service Award — one of Miami’s premier awards — recognizes faculty or staff who have made a significant impact on the life and mission of Miami University.

Lana Kay Rosenberg poses at the barre in the Dance Studio
Lana Kay Rosenberg in the Dance Studio in Phillips Hall (photo by Jeff Sabo)

Lana Kay Rosenberg: “The kind of person you need on a college campus advising the young adults of our world”

Lana Kay Rosenberg M.Ed. ‘71, associate professor of Sport Leadership and Management, is involved in the typical service responsibilities to her department, her college, and the university. What sets Rosenberg apart from other faculty is her more than 50-year service as the artistic director of Miami University Dance Theatre, 25-year service as choreographer of the Miami University Synchronized Skating team, and her 40-years of service as chair of University Lecture Series.. 

“Lana Kay's service is felt across the entire community of students, faculty, student-athletes, staff, and alumni,” one of her nominators said.

“When I think of Lana Kay, I think of unwavering commitment — not just to me and Dance Theatre but to everything she does,” a former student said. When Lana Kay commits to something, whether it's dance, school, lecture series, skating, etc., she puts her whole entire heart into it. That is the kind of person you need on a college campus advising the young adults of our world,” the alumna wrote.

Rosenberg joined the Miami faculty and founded Dance Theatre in 1970. She teaches ballet and modern dance, honors Musical Theater, and senior capstone classes in the College of Education, Health and Society. She is known regionally, nationally, and internationally for her workshops and contributions to the discipline of dance.

She was awarded a Fulbright to Brazil in 1990, was named an American Culture Specialist to Brazil in 1992 by the American government, and has served as a guest faculty member at several universities in Brazil for 20 summers. Her scholarship examines elements of Brazilian culture and music with perceptions of women in Brazil and the United States and how these elements collide and complement women's issues.

Miami University Dance Theatre produces a major concert each semester showcasing the talents of guest artists, faculty, and student members of the company. Rosenberg's work with Dance Theatre “encompasses not only the actual teaching and rehearsal time, but all of the production and management details. She also publishes a newsletter for Dance Theatre and coordinates a patron program to gain funding for expenses and scholarships for the student members,” a nominator wrote. 

An alumna wrote, “I am a Bessie Award-winning choreographer and dancer based in New York City and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Lana Kay Rosenberg. Although none of us ever received credit for dancing in Dance Theatre, it was like a double major for us. If I was not in the architecture studio, I was in the dance studio. Lana Kay not only pushed us technically and creatively, she created a home for us, a family.” 

Indelible mark on synchronized skating 

Rosenberg has served as choreographer, teacher, and off-ice dance coach for Miami’s Senior Varsity synchronized skating team for 25 years, and has advised the Open Collegiate synchronized skating team for 8 years. Her mastery of technique, choreography, and performance has been instrumental in refining Miami's synchronized skating routines, nominators said. 

“Lana Kay possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate,” a former student wrote. “Lana's selflessness instilled in me the invaluable qualities of service and charity. Her guidance and example inspired me to give back to the figure skating community by serving on multiple committees within U.S. Figure Skating and ultimately serving on the board of directors to make a positive difference in the lives of other skaters like me. Lana has left an indelible mark on myself and U.S. Synchronized Skating, far beyond the Miami University synchronized skating program.”

Rosenberg is also chair of the University Lecture Series, for which she has served for 40 years. The series brings four speakers each year to campus covering a broad spectrum of contemporary issues.

"When Lana Kay dives in, she is ALL in,” a former student wrote. “She is a light to so many, has given her life to us and to Miami, and deserves all the recognition possible."

Brent Shock poses in a hallway with photographs of Miami scenes
Brent Shock (photo by Scott Kissell)

Brent Shock served Miami students and their families for 30-plus years

From first-generation college student to vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS), Brent Shock’s story has been intertwined with Miami for more than 35 years.

Shock graduated from Miami in 1992. Three weeks later, he was back on campus for a temporary role that soon turned permanent.

“I was 18 years old when I came to Miami, and I haven’t really left,” Shock said during the March 20 University Awards Ceremony honoring the 2024 faculty and staff awardees. “I could never give more to Miami than Miami has given me.”

As a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, Shock is recognized for his collaborative approach, deep devotion to Miami’s students, and his empathetic approach to leadership.

“Brent’s humble creativity and commitment has literally made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, families, and employees at Miami University,” wrote one nominator.

Shock made significant impact on Miami students 

Another nominator lauded Shock for his unwavering dedication in advocating for and making possible scholarships awarded in a fair and consistent manner to all new student populations.

“I doubt if he realizes the magnitude and impact this has made in the lives of both transfer and international students at Miami,” they wrote.

When Shock announced his retirement as EMSS vice president in August 2023, it wasn’t long before he was entrenched in a new role at the university as special assistant to the president for strategic planning.

Bethany Perkins, interim vice president of EMSS, spoke of Shock’s role in modernizing enrollment systems and operations, allowing the department to grow and better serve students.

During his tenure, an enrollment plan was developed that attracted the largest first-year class in the university’s history. EMSS also worked with other campus divisions to improve student outcomes and provide support for students and their families.

“Miami has enjoyed a faithful friend with Brent,” Perkins said at the March 20 ceremony.

In his new role, Shock continues to strengthen bridges across divisions to bring people together. Shock took on several roles during his time at Miami, including with the financial aid office, as counselor, assistant director for student employment, associate and senior associate director of systems, and director of financial assistance. 

“Brent’s love for Miami shines,” said another nomination letter. “The great care Brent demonstrates when recounting personal memories and experiences as a member of the Miami community is something we should all aspire to replicate.”