New email "hygiene tool" to control spam

Last week IT services implemented a new "email hygiene tool" that should help control the flow of spam and phishing messages into the Miami mail system. Among other capabilities, the system attempts to warn users when the underlying HTTP link and the clickable text links differ.

From now on you may see a note in some email messages that look like this:

MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be. View details, comment, or re-assign this request (process view)

The first part of the message is the clickable text that is part of the original email message.  The second part of the message is explaining that the text does not match the actual link (in quotes).  Please be aware that the warning is not claiming that it is a fraud, just that it is a possibility. You still have the ability to click the text and go to the corresponding webpage.

To make this transition smoother, IT services has decided to allow links from and to pass through and they will never get a warning.

Another by-product of this new tool is that when a link is flagged in a message, the subject line will be highlighted with {Disarmed} at the front.

For more information, visit Miami's Goggle-News web site.