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New shop miami website

New Shop Miami website launches.

The new website launches this week providing RedHawk fans everywhere an easy resource to locate and purchase officially licensed merchandise.

The new website includes information about online retailers and a store locater that searches for retailers by zip code.

It's more than a label; it's scholarships

With the purchase of a Miami University product that bears the "Collegiate Licensed Product" label, hangtag or hologram, a portion of the purchase price is returned to the university. At Miami that money helps to provide financial assistance for students through scholarships.

It's more than a label; it's trademark protection

The trademarks and logos that represent Miami are property of the university. Just like any property owner, the university wants to ensure that its property is cared for properly. The "Collegiate Licensed Product" label, hangtag or hologram signifies that the university has granted the manufacturer the right to use its trademarks.

It's more than a label; it's assurance of quality

The "Collegiate Licensed Product" label, hang tag or hologram not only signifies that the manufacturer has permission to use the trademarks of Miami University, but also that the merchandise passed the strict standards set forth by the university. Through a system of quality control, the label, hangtag or hologram represents genuine craftsmanship and authenticity, guaranteeing that the product you are purchasing is of the quality you deserve.