Miami students received Ohio First Bioinformatics Scholarships

Thirteen Miami University students have been awarded the 2013-2014 Choose Ohio First Bioinformatics Scholarship.

The goal of the Choose Ohio First Bioinformatics Scholarship Program is to set Ohio on track to be a leader in the bioinformatics industry by ensuring a well-prepared pool of diverse, highly-trained students to enter the bioinformatics workforce in Ohio.
Bioinformatics — the application of computational techniques to molecular biology problems — is one of the fastest growing areas in science.

Winners are each presented with a scholarship worth up to $5,200 annually. This year’s recipients are:
* Patricia Abrudan, senior microbiology and medical laboratory science double major and molecular biology minor
* Sammie Carter, senior chemical engineering and paper and science engineering double major
* Andrew Collinsworth, senior microbiology major
* Kevin Deem, senior botany major
* Maria Fedyszyn, senior chemical engineering major
* John Frahm, senior zoology major and neuroscience minor
* Meredith Lloyd, sophomore bioengineering and premedical studies double major
* Mandy Magrino, senior zoology and medical laboratory science double major and molecular biology minor
* Abraham Moller, senior microbiology major
* Lauren Murray, senior computer science and bioengineering double major and bioinformatics minor
* Megan Ruffley, senior botany major and computer science minor
* Mitchell Skinner,  sophomore biology and premedical studies double major
* Max Swartz, a senior biochemistry and biological physics double major

The award was created in 2008 by the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium and is funded by a grant from The Choose Ohio First Scholarship Initiative Program.