University Senate action Feb. 24

On Monday, February 24, 2014, University Senate heard reports during a regular meeting Monday, Feb. 24.

Reports were presented by: Provost Bobby Gempesaw, chair, University Senate, Steve Wyatt, chair, Executive Committee of University Senate, and Katie Wilson, director, Armstrong Student Center.  Randy Hollowell, IT Services, reported that the period to transition the University’s domain name from to will end on June 1, 2014, when will no longer redirect to (  

On the consent calendar, Senate received the curriculum report dated February 19, 2014, and minutes of Senate committees. 

Senate approved the full minutes of the January 27, 2014, Senate meeting. With the approval of the February 24, 2014, abbreviated minutes, by voice votes University Senate endorsed SR 14-13, the dissolution of the Extramural Professional Activities Committee, a standing committee of University Senate, and SR 14-14, the redistribution of University Senate seats with an immediate effective date.

The March 3, 2014, University Senate meeting is moved to March 4, 2014, 4:00-5:15 p.m., Room 1, Upham Hall.  This meeting will be a University-wide forum for the purpose of receiving feedback on proposed revisions to the Global Miami Plan prior to presenting a proposal for University Senate action during the spring semester.

SR 14-13

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate endorse the dissolution of the Extramural Professional Activities Committee, a standing committee of University Senate, Bylaws of University Senate, with, Section 6.B.6;

AND FURTHERMORE, the subsequent Sections of the Bylaws be renumbered.

SR 14-14

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate endorse the recommendations of the Governance Committee for the redistribution of University Senate seats and therefore proposed revisions to the Bylaws of University Senate, Section 1 (below);

AND FURTHERMORE, that proposed revisions to the Bylaws of University Senate will become effective immediately thus enabling the University Elections Coordinator to proceed with the elections of the 2014-2017 Senate cohort.


1.A.         Members of Faculty Assembly vote in the representational unit to which they are contractually assigned according to their annual letters of appointment.  Each representational unit must be represented by a member of that unit. 

Each member of Faculty Assembly whose primary appointment is not to an administrative unit shall be counted as a member of one, and no more than one, representational unit. Faculty Assembly members whose contractual responsibilities are equally divided shall choose with which representational unit they wish to caucus for the purposes of electing Faculty Assembly members to University Senate.  Faculty Assembly members primarily assigned to a/multiple regional campus(es) and who are not part of the College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences (CPSAS) may caucus either with other non-CPSAS faculty on (one of) their regional campus(es) or with the Oxford-based department or program in which they hold a primary appointment, but not more than one of these.  Faculty Assembly members for whom the above criteria are indecisive shall inform the Election Coordinator of the representational unit in which they shall vote and by which they shall be represented.   Librarians shall caucus together, regardless of the campus to which they are assigned.

Faculty Members whose appointments allow them to choose the location of their representational unit may change units of representation only when redistribution of Faculty Assembly seats on University Senate occurs as specified in Section 1.C. of the Bylaws of University Senate.

Each January, the Election Coordinator shall be responsible for insuring that representational unit membership remains current by insuring that new faculty and faculty who have significantly changed the nature of their appointments are included among the membership of their appropriate academic caucuses; and ensuring that new faculty whose appointments entitle them to choose among caucuses are included among the membership of the caucuses of their choice.

1.B.  The thirty-four (34) seats on University Senate which are to be filled by members of Faculty Assembly who are elected by their representational units shall be distributed as described below. They shall serve three-year terms. Election shall be by majority vote within each representational unit.

The College of Arts and Science                                                        16

The College of Education, Health, and Society                                     3

The College of Engineering and Computing                                         2

The College of Creative Arts                                                               3

The College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences                      2

The Farmer School of Business                                                           4

Interdisciplinary Programs (Oxford- based)                                          1

The Hamilton Campus – Non-CPSAS                                                    1

The Middletown Campus – Non-CPSAS                                                1

The Libraries (all campuses)                                                              1

1.C.         Every three (3) years, using data supplied for the fall meeting of Faculty Assembly, the Governance Committee of University Senate shall review the distribution of the above seats.  The Committee may recommend the redistribution of the thirty-four (34) seats if necessary to maintain the proportional representation of the full-time equivalent faculty assigned to and within the academic divisions.  Seats shall be allocated proportionally to full-time faculty equivalents by division, then by caucus within divisions, provided that each division indicated above is allocated at least one seat.  Senate must approve any redistribution of the above.  Senate, on recommendation of the Governance Committee, may lengthen or shorten some terms by one year if that is necessary to accommodate redistribution while maintaining staggered terms.

1.D.         Within each division, the seats shall be apportioned as indicated below:

College of Arts and Science

              Science - Biological

                           Biology + Microbiology                                                                 2

              Science - Physical

                           Chemistry & Biochemistry + Geology &

                                    Environmental Earth Science + Physics                                  2

                           Mathematics + Statistics                                                               2                 

              Social Science

                           Media, Journalism, and Film                                                            1

                           Psychology + Sociology & Gerontology                                             2

                           Anthropology + Geography + Political Science +

                                    Speech Pathology & Audiology                                                 2                 


                           English + French & Italian                                                                   2

                           Classics + Spanish & Portuguese                                                         1

                           German, Russian, Asian and Middle Eastern

                                    Languages & Cultures + Philosophy                                          1

                           History + Comparative Religion                                                          1


College of Creative Arts

                           Music + Art                                                                                       2

                           Architecture & Interior Design + Theatre                                             1


College of Education, Health, and Society

                           Educational Leadership + Educational Psychology                                  1

                           Kinesiology & Health + Family Studies & Social Work

                                    + Teacher Education + CEHS (Non-departmentally

                                     affiliated faculty)                                                                       2


College of Engineering and Computing                    

                           Computer Science & Software Engineering +

                                Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering                            1

                           Electrical & Computer Engineering +

                                Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering                               1


College of Professional Studies and Applied Science

                           Integrative Studies + Criminal Justice + Nursing                       1

                           Business Technology + Computer & Information

                                    Technology + Engineering Technology                                     1


Farmer School of Business

                           Accountancy + Economics + Finance                                                  2

                           Information Systems & Analytics + Management +

                                    Marketing                                                                                                   2


Hamilton Campus (Non-CPSAS)                                                                                           1


Middletown Campus (Non-CPSAS)                                                                                    1



Interdisciplinary Programs (Oxford-based)                                                                 1

                       Includes: American Studies + Black World Studies + Center

                       for American and World Cultures + Interactive Media

                       Studies + International Studies + Latin American, Caribbean

                       & Latino/a Studies + Western Program + Women’s,

                       Gender, & Sexuality Studies


Libraries (all campuses)                                                                                                            1

1.E.            The distribution within divisions listed in Section 1.D may be changed by a vote of the faculty of that division, subject to review by the Governance Committee of University Senate and the approval of University Senate.  Any such redistribution must maintain at least a rough proportionality of representation.

1.F.          Procedures for electing members of Faculty Assembly by majority vote to fill these divisional seats shall be established by each representational unit and shall be acceptable to a majority of Faculty Assembly members in each department or program of a representational unit.

These procedures must include the processes for (1) making nominations; (2) conducting elections; (3) declaring a seat vacant prior to the end of a term; and (4) filling seats vacated prior to the end of a three-year term. Changes to the procedure occasioned by regroupings or changes desired by the representational unit shall be submitted to the Governance Committee for review. The Governance Committee will forward its recommendations to University Senate for approval.  Any member of a representational unit with a concern over unit procedures may notify the Governance Committee and ask for a review.

Whenever two (2) seats must be filled simultaneously by the same representational unit, two separate elections shall be conducted, and each person elected shall be determined by majority vote.

1.G.         Lists of voting-eligible members of each representational unit shall be included on the Senate website and updated in January of each year.

1.H.         The names of those elected shall be reported to the Election Coordinator. These names, along with the names of continuing divisional members of University Senate, are printed in the e-Report (i.e., the daily electronic newsletter of Miami University) or other suitable medium as approved by University Senate).