Information technology to update requests and incident management processes

IT services has kicked off a project designed to unify its service, portfolio, project and knowledge management processes beginning with updates to request fulfillment and to the incident management system. 

IT also will establish a new foundation for a service catalog. Unifying processes across the division will create a foundation for future enhancements, enable common reporting and metrics, and establish common policies, according to Cathy McVey, senior director for IT communication. This effort leverages TeamDynamix, a new service and project management software tool, which will replace multiple current applications and bring all of the division’s service data into a single repository.

The implementation team is taking an iterative approach, building basic processes within TeamDynamix and noting areas for potential improvement for future efforts. The goal is to use the tool as “out of the box” as possible, using the guidance of the TeamDynamix partners to help implement best practices. The plan for each process is to:

  • Gather input from subject matter experts and stakeholders

  • Identify the person accountable for the process

  • Define the process

  • Build the process in the new tool

  • Train those who will be using the process

  • Launch

The first three processes are scheduled to launch in mid-July.

Current tools to be retired as part of this effort are PowerSteering, Symantec Service Desk and RightAnswers. Each of these tools will remain active until they are replaced and announcements will be made as changes are scheduled.