In memoriam: Ruth Ann Busald

Miami University remembers Ruth Ann Busald, founding chair of Miami University’s department of nursing, who died last month.

A native of Madisonville, Ohio, she graduated from the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in 1948, earned a bachelor of science in nursing from Edgecliff College in 1950 and a master of science in nursing from Indiana University in 1963. 

Prior to her arrival at Miami University to begin the nursing program, she taught at the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing from 1950 until her arrival in 1968 at the Hamilton campus of Miami University. She not only was the founding chair of nursing, but also one of the founding faculty members on the Hamilton campus.

The first degree in the department of nursing was the associate degree. In 1976, Busald led Miami’s efforts to add the bachelor’s of nursing degree for the registered nurse.  She was a strong proponent of nursing education and pulled together a group of nursing directors and nursing educators from area hospitals to form the Butler County Interagency for Nursing Continuing Education. This group developed and presented nursing continuing education programs long before it was a requirement for re-licensure.

Busald retired in 1982, and the department of nursing renamed their first student award the Ruth Ann Busald Award to recognize her dedication and years of service. The award recognizes outstanding achievements of graduating students from Miami’s department of nursing.