Kathy McMahon-Klosterman honored for work in special education

Kathy McMahon-Klosterman (right) and Bridget Gargan

Kathy McMahon-Klosterman, right, and Bridget Gargan, executive director of the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities.

Kathy McMahon-Klosterman, professor emerita of educational psychology, received the Distinguished Service Award by the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities.

McMahon-Klosterman is currently serving as president of the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  For three decades she taught and prepared students majoring in special education and connected them with programs like Best Buddies.

McMahon-Klosterman returned to Miami this semester as a visiting faculty member. She served Miami as an Eminent Faculty Scholar for Community Engagement and Service, and she is affiliated with women’s studies, disability studies and interdisciplinary studies.

"Kathy worked with MRDD/DDD for decades supporting the mission that ‘all people should have opportunities to participate in community life with fellow citizens and develop a sense of belonging to the community,’” wrote Susan Mosley-Howard for the nomination.

Mosley-Howard also wrote that McMahon-Klosterman is one of the original founders of groups that support women in Oxford and Butler County such as the battered women’s shelter support. She also supported the creation of many curricular innovations in diversity and multicultural education at Talawanda schools.