Construction updates: U.S. Route 27 intersection and Bishop Woods circle

Bishop Circle

Pedestrian/vehicle access drives at Armstrong Student Center to close March 23-27.

As part of the ongoing U.S. Route 27 reconstruction project, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced that the traffic signal at Patterson Avenue and Chestnut Street will be replaced with a stop sign.

ODOT explained that the signal currently flashing yellow for Patterson Avenue and red for Chestnut Street will be removed Monday, March, 23.

In its place, a stop sign will be installed for Chestnut Street traffic approaching Patterson Avenue. A new permanent traffic signal will be installed in late 2015.

Left turn lane to be removed at Talawanda High School

The northbound left turn lane to University Park Boulevard (Talawanda High School) from U.S. Route 27 will be removed Monday, March 23. Motorists can expect additional travel delays during peak high school drop-off/pickup hours.

Bishop Woods circle

Miami University will close the pedestrian/vehicle access drives at Armstrong Student Center, March 23–27.