University Senate elects 2015-2016 Executive Committee

The 2015-2016 University Senate was convened solely for the purpose of conducting elections of the 2015-2016 Executive Committee. The following three faculty members were elected:
  • Abdoulaye Saine - Chair
  • Yvette Harris - Chair Elect
  • Catherine Wagner - At-Large

2014-2015 University Senate:

The 2014-2015 University Senate heard the following reports:

Provost Phyllis Callahan, chair of University Senate
Bryan Marshall, chair, Executive Committee of University Senate. was acknowledged for his outstanding work in support of the Senate. Provost Callahan also gave a deep appreciation for all the senators whose terms are now concluding.

Bryan Marshall, chair, Executive Committee of University Senate

Senate heard the following special reports:

  • Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Annual Report – Rebecca Luzadis, Chair, Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Committee.
  • Update on Student Enrollment for 2015-2016, Susan Schaurer, Interim Director Admission and Enrollment Communications.
  • Update on Student Success Committee, Michael Kabbaz, Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Old Business
  • Miami University’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy – Robin Parker, General Counsel

Items received on the Senate consent calendar included:

  • Curriculum Report: Report dated April 27, 2015
  • Miami University's Sustainability Definition

After reviewing nominations made to Senate committees to replace those who have completed their terms, University Senate endorsed the following resolution.

SR 15-18

       BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate confirm the 2015-2016 appointments to open seats of the standing and advisory committees of University Senate; and

       BE IT FURTHERMORE RESOLVED that Senate authorize Senate Executive Committee to confirm remaining the 2015-2016 appointments to the standing and advisory committees of University Senate, effective immediately.

The next meeting of University Senate is scheduled for 3:35 p.m. Aug. 31, 111 Harrison Hall.

Twenty-five members of Faculty Assembly can challenge the resolution by filing a petition with the Office of the University Secretary during the ten class days after publication on the Miami University news web page.