Miamideas: Join a subcommittee for the Year of Creativity and Innovation

How might we empower a creative and innovative culture throughout the Miami community?

Interested in being part of the Year of Creativity and Innovation? Join one of our new subcommittees  - contact us at or go to

ideasSUBCOMMITTEE 1: Programs | Introduce

Develop ideas and content for staff, faculty and student orientation programs. Create divisional book clubs and more.

SUBCOMMITTEE 2: Programs | Communicate

Help communicate and promote all the great things that are happening around campus during the year.

SUBCOMMITTEE 3: Programs | Capture

Develop a “dynamic annual report” that can serve as an archive for all the great creative work we do on campus.

SUBCOMMITTEE 4: Spaces | Local

Create and implement ideas for creative spaces within offices and classrooms thoughout campus.

SUBCOMMITTEE 5: Spaces | University

Develop ideas and implementation plans for interdisciplinary innovation spaces that span the university.

SUBCOMMITTEE 6: Spaces | Remote

Develop a proposal for expanding our creativity and innovation through virtual spaces and physical off-campus locations.

SUBCOMMITTEE 7: People | Creative Coaches

Create ideas/implementation plans for “creative coaches” who will become our innovation leaders throughout the university.

SUBCOMMITTEE 8: People | Creative Fellows

Develop a nomination/selection process for an annual creative fellow — an external influence/inspiration for our community.

SUBCOMMITTEE 9: People | Creative Cohorts

Create an implementation plan for future creative cohorts that will be groups of faculty, staff and students experimenting with ways to be more creative in their classrooms and offices.