President David Hodge congratulated Miami's first certified brand ambassadors.
President David Hodge congratulated Miami's first certified brand ambassadors. Photo: Jeff Sabo

First graduating class of BAM! ambassadors certified

Miami Ideas logoThe first graduating class of university communications and marketing’s Brand Ambassadors of Miami received their certificates of completion after finishing the five required tracks.

The newly certified brand ambassadors learned new techniques in the following areas: digital media, design, brand, writing and Web development. The courses are geared to helping employees on campus develop skills and knowledge to help promote and advance Miami.

Miami’s brand ambassadors:
  • Mark Andrea - HDRBS, marketing
  • Coni Biggs - College of Creative Arts
  • Missy Davish - HDRBS – marketing
  • Danielle Hinckley - enrollment management and student success
  • Heather Johnston - office for the advancement of research and scholarship
  • Melissa Meyer – enrollment management and student success
  • Jen O'Brien - off-campus outreach and communication
  • Dawna Peterson - Global Initiatives
  • Addie Rosenthal – Farmer School of Business
  • Ronda Strunk - Goggin Ice Center
  • Jim Wachenheim – recreational sports center
  • Gabby Walsh – recreational sports center
  • Ben Wright – office of community engagement and service
BAM! instructors included the following Miami employees:

Kelly Bennett, Halie Best, Donna Boen, Tracy Chappelow, Laura Driscoll, Carole Johnson, Kristin Kieffer, Karen O'Hara, Susan Meikle, Jeri Moore, Todd Pashak, De'Niel Phipps, Jessica Rea, Belinda Rutherford, Jon Simon, and Jason Walters.

Become a certified brand ambassador

New sessions will be scheduled for later this spring. Watch for an announcement about the new courses in Miami Matters and learn more on the BAM! website.