Philo brings enhanced TV experience to students


Source: Philo

Beginning later this month, Philo, a cutting-edge TV service, will be available to on-campus residents.

After a successful two-month pilot program this past fall, Philo was selected to be the campus television solution. With Philo, students can watch and record live TV on the devices they use most: laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV sets — anywhere on campus.

This new service is offered as an amenity to on-campus residents, supported by IT services and available at no additional cost.

“As new and renovated halls were coming online, we took the opportunity to look at how Miami provisions television service,” according to Troy Travis, assistant vice president of IT services for enterprise operations. “IT has supported a traditional cable system, but students are more likely to view content on their laptop or tablet now, and cable does not provide that option. We have been working with HDRBS and residence life for the past year to rethink how this service should be provisioned now and for the future.”

Philo is available online via most popular web browsers and offers Android and iOS native apps for free download to students’ mobile devices. Students can also watch Philo on traditional TV sets through a Roku device or through AppleTV via iOS 6+ mobile devices or compatible Mac computers. Complete instructions on how to access Philo will be provided to students when the service comes online.

Students access Philo by signing in with their Miami credentials. The system will recognize those who live in the residence halls, allowing them to connect to the service. The cable TV system will still remain in place, and students who prefer can still use that service. Televisions located in academic buildings, offices and other public buildings like Goggin Ice Arena and the recreational sports center will also continue to be served by the campus cable TV system.

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