University Senate Action April 24

On Monday, April 24, 2017 University Senate heard reports from:

  • Brenda Quaye, Center for Teaching Excellence and Tim Greenlee, Farmer School of Business, 
  • Tonia Hyllengren, College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science
  • Maggie Reilly, Student Body President

Items received on the Senate consent calendar included:

  • Curriculum items dated April 24, 2017
  • Academic Policy Committee Minutes – March 31, 2017 

Minutes of the University Senate April 24, 2017, meeting were approved.

With the approval of the April 24, 2017, abbreviated minutes, University Senate endorsed the following resolution:


Appointments to Standing and Advisory Committee of University Senate

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate confirm the 2017-2018 appointments to open seats of the standing and advisory committees of University Senate; and  

BE IT FURTHERMORE RESOLVED that Senate authorizes Senate Executive Committee to confirm remaining 2017-2018 appointments to the standing and advisory committees of University Senate.