Miami marching band to debut new uniform to home crowd on Oct. 7

Band members in new uniforms.The Miami University Marching Band will debut its new uniforms for the home crowd at the Saturday, Oct. 7, home football game against Bowling Green, part of Miami's Family Weekend.

First seen last weekend when the band traveled to Notre Dame, the uniform represents the first major design departure in the past two decades. The uniforms were designed by Michael Cesario, one of the top designers in the marching and pageantry medium, and were produced locally by Fred J. Miller Inc., a Miamisburg-based manufacturer and one of the industry leaders.

Uniform includes Love and Honor message.Stephen Lytle, band director, is happy with the result. He said the uniform's jacket is intentionally modern with features such as a split collar and the multi-toned fabric print, yet they sought to preserve some traditional elements that make the uniform unique to Miami such as the beveled M in the front as well as the MIAMI backdrop.

The jacket is also back-zipped, requiring a friend to help zip it up. At the top of the back collar is the phrase, “Love and Honor,” so each member is greeting each other as they help to dress for the game. Lytle said the black pants are a departure from the white, but it is not the first time the band has worn black, having done so before in the early 1990s. The black pants will be more practical in care and upkeep.

In addition to the design of the uniform is a noticeable improvement in comfort for the performers. The fabric no longer contains wool and is lighter and more breathable, making it much more comfortable to wear, particularly in the warmest parts of the season where on-field temperatures can reach above 100 degrees in the direct sun.

"The students were so thrilled and proud to wear the uniform at Notre Dame,” Lytle said. “The Miami University Miami Band embodies a great sense of esprit de corps and now our external look matches our pride in serving the Miami community."