Selected media placements of contributions by Miamians and the local and global impact of the university.

Glenn Hartong to give “Dark Art of Political Campaign Advertising” presentation, September 26 (subscription may be required)
John Forren on Ohio’s importance in presidential election and Today’s, September 24 (subscription may be required)
Gregory Crawford Q and A, September 24 (subscription may be required)
Daryl Baldwin awarded MacArthur Fellow, September 22 and Biz and Columbus, September 23 and, September 24 and Indian Country Today Media, September 29 (subscription may be required)
Daryl Baldwin wins MacArthur “genius grant”
LA, September 21 and, Chicago Tribune,, Inside Higher,,, NY,, and World, September 22 (and other media sources – subscriptions may be required)
Michelle Boone research on chytrid fungus and its impact on amphibians, September 19 (subscription may be required)
John Mihevic on aquatic center's new video display system, September 20 (subscription may be required)
Miami fraternity suspended, September 21 and Washington and WLWT Channel 5, September 22 (subscription may be required)
Miami grads earn highest salaries among Greater Cincinnati colleges
Biz and Big News, September 20 (subscription may be required)