PayScale puts Miami's ROI at No. 1 in Ohio; Money magazine ranks Miami among top 25 in U.S.

Miami University is the No. 1 public university in Ohio by return on investment, according to a just-released report by PayScale Inc.

The 2017 rankings are based on in-state tuition. PayScale uses a 20-year ROI that "measures the additional income a bachelor’s-only graduate earns over a high school graduate given the costs of their education.”

There are about 1,800 schools included in the overall PayScale College ROI list; data is listed for 966 publics (both in-state and out-of-state cost structures are included). Miami fares among the top 10 percent of public schools in the report.

Using PayScale’s data, Money magazine ranked “state schools most likely to pay off,” naming Miami as one of its top 25 national public schools.

Like PayScale, Money magazine looked at “the 20-year return on investment on in-state tuition, but then factored in the school’s six-year graduation rate, eliminating any school with fewer than three-quarters of students earning a degree in that time period.”

PayScale’s data is collected from 1.3 million college-educated workers who completed PayScale’s Employee Survey between February 2007-February 2017. The average sample size for a school included in the report is 792 alumni profiles.