August Faculty and Staff Blood Drive
Benefits and Wellness sponsors the August blood drive with the Community Blood Center of Dayton. Thursday, August 3 | 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. | Shriver Center Heritage Room
Best options for storing electronic files
Why is it that we never have enough space to put our stuff? Whether it is closets or shelves. The same can be said for our electronic “stuff”. Here are some options for storing electronic files at Miami.
Five Free, Fun Things at Miami in July
Miami Matters brings you five free, fun things to do at or around Miami each month.
Accept the Hydration Challenge
Stay healthy by staying hydrated. Participate in the WAY TO GO H2O hydration challenge! Drinking adequate amounts of water has been shown to increase energy levels, brain function, and metabolic rate along with several other benefits.
New responsibility for employees regarding reporting personal violations
As part of its goal to maintain a healthy and safe learning, living, and working environment, Miami University strives to create a culture promoting responsibility, dignity and respect for all members of the Miami community in matters of relationships, sex and interpersonal conduct.
Jabber Service going away July 28
On July 28th IT Services will shut down the Jabber chat service. Newer web based chat technology like Google Hangouts have replaced the need for a locally hosted chat service.
What is JobTrax?
JobTrax is an automated employment and income verification company for personal and third party verification requests of Miami employees. Use JobTrax when working with a lending institution for the purchase of a home, renting an apartment, mortgage company, new car purchase, new job, etc.
Atomic Learning provides technology training for the entire Miami community
Learn.Engage.Inspire. That is the motto of Atomic Learning, the free web-based training solution that Miami partners with.
Aching Back or Joints?
Listen as experts talk about proper joint and back care.