Five Free, Fun Things at Miami in January
Miami Matters brings you five free, fun things to do at Miami each month. We've highlighted five activities for December on Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses
Next Gen Data Center Project
The Next Generation Data Center project is designed to improve the security, maintainability, reliability and availability of the university’s data center network infrastructure and make the deployment of new applications easier.
Power down during winter break
Help save money and energy by unplugging computers, printers and other office equipment during winter break.
CPAC members share their successes with job enrichment program
One of the benefits of being a classified staff is being able to participate in the Job Enrichment program.
The ABCs of unclassified and classified leave reporting
For winter break leave reporting special consideration must be taken for specific days.
New voice mail policy in effect January 2016
As part of ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the data center, a voice mail aging policy takes effect Monday, Jan. 4.
W-2s will be available soon; do you need to make updates to your W-4?
W-2s will be available in Employee Services no later than Feb. 1, 2016. You can print your W-2 from Employee Services, provided you give consent for your W-2 to be accessed electronically in BannerWeb.
MyFiles service disruption planned for Dec. 16
IT services will be migrating the Windows individual file service (MyFiles, also known as M:drive and accessed through NetDisk) to a new infrastructure.
Take the dining services survey and enter to win a $50 gift card
Dining services continuously seeks to improve the dining experience, and how they improve is largely based on your input.