Miami University residency guidelines are established by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Any student classified as a non-resident of the State of Ohio for tuition purposes may apply for resident status by submitting an application. Each application will be reviewed in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-10 and Ohio Revised Code 3333.31.

Students are strongly advised to fully apprise themselves of the criteria prior to seeking classification as an Ohio resident for tuition purposes. Residency rules are meant to exclude those who are in the state primarily for the benefits of a state-supported education. Miami University is not empowered to alter or waive state regulations and must enforce the provisions for all students under all personal and/or financial conditions. Decisions also made or documentation requested in regards to residency from another Ohio public university/college does not necessitate a similar decision or request at Miami University.

Any person once classified as a non-resident, upon the completion of 12 consecutive months of residency, must apply to the institution he or she attends if they want to be reclassified as a resident.

Getting Started

All applications and appropriate documents must be sent to the One Stop. They can be scanned as a .pdf and emailed to; mailed to the One Stop (Attention Residency Officer, 301 S. Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio 45056); or faxed to the Attention of Residency Officer at (513) 529-0003. Before submission, please redact any social security numbers that may be included on documentation being provided. Students must be accepted to Miami University before an application will be accepted and reviewed.


Application materials and all appropriate documentation must be submitted by the following deadlines in order to be reviewed for the semester/term requested:

  • Fall Semester: July 20
  • Winter Term: December 20
  • Spring Semester: December 20
  • Summer Term: April 20

Applications not submitted with all requested documentation by the application deadline date will be denied. After application is submitted, if additional information is needed, one email will be sent to the student at their Miami email address (or for incoming students, email address provided on application) advising what documentation must be submitted to complete a review. Failure to provide this documentation by the final application deadline date for the semester/term will result in their application for residency to be denied.

Students who are admitted after the established deadline for the semester or term in which they want to apply should contact the Residency Officer at

If applicable, immigration documentation must be current when applying. Immigration status must reflect a classification that is eligible to apply for Ohio Residency for Tuition Purposes. Further questions on acceptable immigration statuses can be directed to If a student’s immigration status changes after being classified as a resident, it may affect their ability to remain classified as a resident.