Cost of Attendance (COA)

Choosing a college is a big decision. Make sure you understand all of the costs, benefits, and funding opportunities that you can receive to make that decision easier.

The cost of attendance (COA) is the estimated total cost of attending Miami for one academic year. The COA is calculated based on estimated direct and indirect costs. These costs vary depending on your residency, your enrollment, your undergraduate/graduate status, and the campus you attend. Keep in mind you may also be charged course-related fees, fees for optional services, and housing costs. You cannot receive any combination of aid, including loans, grants, federal work-study, scholarships, waivers, and outside resources, that exceed the cost of attendance. If the total amount of financial aid exceeds the cost of attendance, the amount of aid will be reduced.

Direct vs. Indirect Costs 

In the below table, you will find examples of direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are those billed to you by Miami. Indirect costs are expenses that are not paid to Miami.

Direct Costs (Billed by Miami) Indirect Costs (Not Billed by Miami)
Tuition (class charges) Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment
Fees (college services) Transportation
Course Fees Miscellaneous Personal Expenses (personal hygiene, laundry, clothing, and reasonable recreation)
Career Development Fee Federal Student Loan Fees
Housing (estimated residence hall charges for on-campus living) Housing (estimated rent and utilities for off-campus living)
Food (estimated Miami meal plan cost, which is required for most students living on campus) Food (estimated food costs for off-campus living)
Non-Resident Surcharge Additional Miscellaneous Costs (specific to student circumstances related to attendance, such as dependent care during periods of class attendance or study, expenses related to disabilities, study abroad, educational loan fees, and others)

Net Price

Your net price is the amount of direct and indirect costs remaining after all gift aid is applied. Net price can be covered through a variety of sources, including savings, income, payment plans, and education loans.


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