Miami Access Fellows

Miami Access Fellows is a grants and scholarships program for Ohio residents designed to help make Miami University accessible to new first-year academically competitive students who have total family income that is equal to or less than $35,000.

What benefits does a Miami Fellow receive?

To fund this program, we combine an Access Fellow's federal and state grant funds with University grant and/or scholarship funds to meet the cost of tuition and academic fees.

In addition, Miami provides Access Fellows with the following benefits:

  • Program and housing and meal ticket fee waivers for the Access student and a family member at Miami's Summer Orientation. (This benefit does not apply if staying at Heritage Commons.)
  • Option to participate in Miami's MADE@Miami program, designed to help new students navigate the university while building a diverse network of friends and mentors.
  • Special workshops related to such topics as career development and financial management.

Please note: Students eligible for a Miami University Staff/Family Fee Waiver, an Ohio College Opportunity Grant, the Ohio War Orphans funding, education benefits from the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill®, Ohio Air National Guard funding, Chapter 31 funding and/or funds from ROTC, may have their institutional scholarship funding for the Miami Access Fellows Program reduced or cancelled once these resources are applied.

What costs are not included with the Miami Access Fellows program?

The costs for room, board, books, travel, and personal expenses are not included in the guarantee, but may be covered by other funding sources. Also, students who are eligible for the Miami Access Fellows program could still use federally guaranteed student loans, Federal-Work Study, and other private loans for these costs.

Who is eligible?

Academically competitive Ohio residents entering the Miami University Oxford campus as first-time, full-time freshmen in the fall semester will be considered. Students must file the FAFSA by the Priority I Deadline of December 1, and no later than the Priority II Deadline of February 1, be eligible for federal aid, have a total family income equal to or less than $35,000, and be academically competitive. (Total family income includes the parent(s) with whom the student resides, the step-parent residing in the household, and the student. We will also consider interest and investment income where appropriate.)

In addition, dependent students relocating to Oxford from the Hamilton or Middletown campuses who enroll full-time on the Oxford campus for the fall semester are also eligible. (For information about relocating to the Oxford campus, please see your regional campus academic adviser.)

Students who are determined to be initially eligible will be required to submit financial documentation to the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine final eligibility. If the review of these forms indicates the presence of significant assets or other income, Miami University reserves the right to alter or disqualify the student from the Miami Access Fellows program.

To remain eligible for up to four years, students must maintain full-time enrollment for every semester, continue to file the FAFSA each year by our priority deadline, continue to have a total family income equal to or less than $35,000, and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. The Miami scholarships may also have a GPA requirement, which is outlined in the student's Financial Aid Award Notice.

How do I apply?

No separate application is required. However, to be considered, students must either be admitted to the Oxford campus as a first-time freshman or be a dependent student approved for relocation from either the Middletown or Hamilton campuses. Families must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the Priority I Deadline of December 1, and no later than the Priority II Deadline of February 1. Please note that the FAFSA is not available for completion until October 1.

Terms for Annual Renewal

  • Each year, you must:
  • Have a household income of $35,000 or less
  • Maintain the required GPA for your scholarship(s)
  • Enroll full-time on the Oxford campus
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 annually
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress