All scholarships and grants on your Financial Aid Award Notice will be accepted automatically and applied to your account unless you notify the One Stop in writing to the contrary.

Upon your acceptance, Federal loans will disburse (pay to) to your account in accordance with federal regulations and Miami's disbursement schedule.

If your aid has disbursed prior to the beginning of school and you have received a refund via check or a direct deposit for the excess financial aid, you can use those funds to buy your books. Charge privileges are only available at an on-campus bookstore during the first week of school. Contact the One Stop to determine if you are eligible.

2021–2022 Disbursement Dates

08/13/21 - Fall Oxford disbursement
09/11/21 - Fall Regional disbursement
01/06/22 - Winter disbursement
01/14/22 - Spring Oxford disbursement
02/11/22 - Spring Regional disbursement
05/07/22 - Summer disbursement

For other important dates, please see the One Stop dates and deadlines calendar.

Disbursement Holds

Aid disbursement may be placed on hold for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Missing verification documents
  • Missing documentation, such as your SSN card
  • Entrance counseling not completed
  • Enrolled less than full-time (full-time is 12 or more credit hours for undergraduate students)
  • Missing Master Promissory Note

To determine if these or other items are missing and holding up your aid disbursement, visit the My Bill and Aid tab in MyMiami.