Past Due Accounts and Right to Withhold Services

Returned Checks

Any person who pays by check, and whose check is dishonored or returned for any reason, expressly authorizes Miami University to electronically debit or paper draft their account for the amount of the check, plus a processing fee of $30. The use of the check as payment is acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy and its terms.

Payment by check is your express authorization that it may be converted into a one-time Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) from your account, and all returned checks or EFTs may be re-presented electronically along with a separate EFT or demand draft for the maximum returned check fee allowed by state law. For inquiries: 800.460.0124 or

Check writers with returned checks may be entered into a national database (National Check Network) that will prevent them from writing checks at some retail locations until their check is resolved. Returned checks must be repaid with collected funds, such as through money order, cashier, or bank certified check.

Payment of tuition with a returned check is strongly discouraged. Using this method to clear fees or to participate in the pre-registration process may result in the immediate cancellation of the student’s current or future class schedule. All penalties will apply.

Failure to clear a returned check and/or multiple returned checks will result in the loss of check cashing privileges and/or collection activity. Checks that are not cleared will be subject to interest charges and collection expenses.

Why is there a returned electronic fee when the checking account number was simply entered incorrectly?

The electronic check payment process requires the payer to enter their personal checking account number twice. If these two entry fields do not match, the process will stop, and the payer can make necessary corrections.

Personal checking accounts cannot be verified before submission. If the fields are incorrect but do match, the information will process through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) banking system to the payer’s bank only to find no account matching the incorrect entries. Unable to complete the transaction, the payer’s electronic check is then returned and Miami is charged for the returned check. With the information provided on this website, and on the payment website, there are multiple warnings to be sure the payer enters the correct account number and advises what the consequences will be if done incorrectly. For these reasons, Miami charges a returned electronic check fee.

In the event of multiple eCheck payment returns, the ability for the payer to use eCheck option will be terminated and students will be required to use the credit card option if paying online or a physical check/money order if paying in person. When using the credit card option, a convenience fee is applied.

Past Due Accounts

The Miami University Board of Trustee has authorized charges equal to the then-current prime rate plus 3% on accounts that are not paid within 90 days of the due date. Full collection costs may be charged should it become necessary to send a delinquent account to a third party collection agent.

Accounts Turned Over to the Ohio Attorney General’s Collection Enforcement Office

Any past due, unpaid account will be referred to the Ohio Attorney General’s Collection Enforcement Office for collection. The debtor will incur additional charges and collection expenses. The Ohio Attorney General’s Collection Enforcement Office is used only when the Miami University Collection Department cannot obtain payment.

Students who have previously been sent to the Ohio Attorney General for unpaid funds owed to Miami University and have paid or otherwise resolved their outstanding balance with Miami will receive a hold to prevent future registration. The hold will be removed once the student has completed and returned the Prior Balance Agreement. This agreement outlines the financial responsibility of attending future classes at Miami, the estimated cost, and the due dates for each term. In addition, the form requires a co-signer. In the event that the student does not have a co-signer, they can elect to pre-pay full-time tuition for the returning term. This amount will not be refunded to the student should it become a credit balance until all withdrawals and reversals have been credited to their account and/or they attended a minimum of 60% of their class(s).

Right to Withhold Services

The Miami University Board of Trustees authorizes the Bursar to restrict any services to current and former students and current and former employees until any past due amount owed to the university is paid in full. These services include, but are not limited to, the release of all academic records (e.g., diploma, and transcripts), the continuation of auxiliary services (e.g., telephone, cellular, high-speed data services), and registration for future semesters. Past due amounts include, but are not limited to, fees, tuition, charges, fines, and loans due to the university. Restoration of auxiliary services may require additional signed securities.