Priority Scheduling List

When scheduling for the next academic year, keep in mind that certain user groups may have priority over you. The order of priority and the dates in which they hold priority are as follows:

  1. University Events (December 1 - January 31)
      • i.e. commencement, convocation. 
  2. University Mission (December 1 - January 31)
      • i.e. job fair, athletic events, performing arts.
  3. Academic Departments (February 1 - 28)
      • i.e. athletic team practices, ROTC events, music department
  4. Academic Mission (February 1- 28)
      • i.e. department lectures, honors program, Oxford Chamber Orchestra.
  5. Registered Student Groups (March 1 - 31)
  6. Non-University Groups (after March 31)

Any group submitting after their priority deadline will be granted use on a first come, first serve basis.