Lab Safety Programs

Lab Safety

This training reviews general laboratory hazards, practices, and procedures to ensure you are able to work safely in any laboratory on campus. This training is encouraged for anyone who will be working in a lab. 

Lab Safety Training

Vacating a Lab

Any laboratory worker from any chemical laboratory where that worker procured, developed, used or stored chemicals should read the following guide. 

Procedure for Vacating a Lab

Shipping Dangerous Goods or Dry Ice

If you are faculty, staff, or a researcher/graduate student planning to ship hazardous materials or dry ice through a courier service such as Fed Ex or UPS, you will need to submit a request to ship.

Depending on your type of shipment, either the Department of Chemistry (82 Hughes Hall) or EHSO (164 Cole Service Building) will contact you with package drop-off instructions.

Request to Ship Dangerous Goods or Dry Ice

Working with Chemicals

This section covers training, chemical hygiene, dealing with waste, and Safety Data Sheets. 

Chemical Safety

Working with Radiation

This section covers training, and the safety manual. 

Radiation Safety