Buildings and Grounds

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Employees, Students and Third Parties 


Use of Building and Grounds

Use of space or grounds for purposes other than those for which they have been designated will not be permitted. The University cannot permit the use of state owned equipment or facilities for any kind of non-sanctioned private instruction or other type of non-sanctioned private enterprise. This regulation does not cover activities that are an integral part of the regular teaching load or other official assignment of members of the staff.

Access to Buildings

The hours and days of public operation for each Miami University building are posted on main entrance doors of the building. Please observe the posted hours when planning use of the building by the general campus community. In addition to having access to the building during the times of general operations, those individuals who have after-hours access to the exterior doors of a building may use the building at times and on days other than those that are posted.

Maintenance of Building and Grounds 

All work done on buildings, grounds, and other fixed facilities of the University, is done by the Physical Facilities Department unless other arrangements are approved by the Vice President for Finance and Business Services and Treasurer.

Installation of Cameras on University Property

The University may install observation cameras on University property to protect resources, enhance safety and assist in the educational mission as provided in this policy. The University will not install observation cameras on University property in faculty/staff offices or in nonpublic areas of residence halls. If an observation camera is installed where identification of personal images is possible, the camera must be accompanied by appropriate signage indicating the presence of the camera and whether or not it is monitored in real time.

Purchase and installation of camera equipment to protect resources or enhance safety require the initial approval of the appropriate vice president. Purchase and installation of camera equipment for use in research must be approved by the Office of Research and Innovation. Purchase and installation of camera equipment for use in classrooms or to otherwise assist in the educational mission must be approved by the Provost. All requests must first be approved by the Space Utilization Group (all indoor installations) or the Campus Planning Committee (all outdoor installations). The Department of Physical Facilities and the University Information Security Office are responsible for determining equipment, signage and placement standards.

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