Use of University Property

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Employees and Students

Purpose of Policy 

This policy applies to all Sponsoring Organizations, including academic and administrative departments at Miami University (hereafter collectively the University) and registered student organizations, including the Associated Students Government (ASG), the Graduate Council (GC), registered student organizations, Affiliated and Departmental Student Organizations and recognized fraternities and sororities (hereafter collectively Student Organizations).

Sponsoring Organizations may reserve designated University Property for activities, including expressive activities.  In addition to the requirements of this policy, there are special rules for events whose size or complexity requires additional planning and safeguards.  Sponsoring Organizations should also review the Campus Events Policy to determine whether these additional requirements apply.


Space Scheduler

The designated system, person or office for reserving space. 

Hosting reservations must be in the name of the sponsoring organization responsible for planning, implementing and financing the event. Reservations may not be made by a Sponsoring Organization acting on behalf of another person or organization and reservations may not be transferred to another person or organization.

Fronting is prohibited. Fronting is the act of concealing or misleading the identity of the true host of the event. Reasons for fronting include non-eligibility for use of facilities, to gain a reservation timeline advantage, or to avoid cost. Sponsoring organizations that misrepresent an event, affiliation or sponsorship may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges restricted or suspended.


Any freestanding structure that is not attached to an existing structure or improvement. A Display is not a sign, poster or banner nor does the term Display include a small, unattended sign staked into the ground. See Policy on “Signs Posters and Banners”.


Tables to collect or disseminated information, food, sell tickets, or other merchandise to passersby.  Reserved tables must display the name of the Sponsoring Organization.

Designated University Outdoor Spaces

All exterior property owned, or otherwise controlled by Miami University that the University makes available to be reserved though the appropriate Space Scheduler.

Designated University Property

All real property including buildings, parking lots, and outdoor spaces owned or controlled by Miami University that the University makes available to be reserved though the appropriate Space Scheduler.

Buildings and Grounds Spaces

Any Sponsoring Organization has the right to request the use of designated University property on a space-available basis. The University cannot permit the use of state owned property- including equipment and facilities for any kind of non-sanctioned private instruction or other type of non-sponsored private enterprise. Priority for the use of  designated University property is typically given first to the University and then to Student Organizations, with the exception of the Armstrong Student Center which has established reservation policies prioritizing Student Organizations.

Any Student Organization seeking to use University Property must make a reservation through the appropriate Space Scheduler. Each space reservation must be made at least fifteen class days in advance of the reserved date. Requesting a reservation does not guarantee approval of the request to use University property. Campus locations are limited and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the space is reserved, the Student Organization must register the event in the HUB.  No contracts for bands, vendors, speakers, entertainers, goods or services may be signed until the event is approved in the HUB. All contracts for bands, vendors, speakers, entertainers, and for goods and/or services must be reviewed and processed through the Office of Student Activities at least ten days prior to the scheduled event.

Use of designated University property for purposes other than those for which they have been assigned or reserved is not permitted. No individual or group is permitted to interrupt the use of reserved space without permission of the President, the Provost, or the Miami University Police Department.

Use of designated University property is subject to the following conditions:

  1.  Restricted Use- Use of designated University property is allowed in conjunction with any University event or program or as part of an activity sponsored by a Sponsoring Organization. Displays, tables, and events of every kind must be staffed at all times by members of the Sponsoring Student Organization. The Sponsoring Organization which holds the reservation must be primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and financing the event. The University may, at its discretion, reserve University Property exclusively for the use of the University. These dates may be set aside for designated users or activities.  Permission for use of designated University Property may be limited or denied on these dates in the spaces reserved by the University. These dates will be designated annually in accordance with the Academic Calendar and may include: Finals Week, Commencement, Convocation, Summer Orientation, EMSS Events, and home athletic events.
  2. Displays- Displays must be freestanding and not attached to any existing building or wall.  Any supporting wires or cables shall be clearly visible and may not interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or other traffic. Anchors for supporting wires or cables may not be affixed to buildings, walls, sidewalks, stairs, or rails. No holes, ditches, or pits may be dug in any Outdoor Space for any purpose. Reservations that include placing heavy equipment on the ground, use of supporting cables, construction of a display over 6 feet tall or spikes in the ground, must receive prior written approval from the Physical Facilities Department.
    1. Displays may not exceed 10 feet in height and 32 feet in length, or the length of the Reserved Space, if less. The approved length of a Display will depend on its construction and the event location.
    2. A Display for an event or program sponsored by the University will not be approved for longer than 10 working days. The University, in its discretion, may further limit the approved time period based upon demand for the location. An Outdoor Display for an event or program sponsored by a Student Organization will not be approved for longer than 5 consecutive class days. The University, in its discretion, may further limit the approved time period based upon demand for the location. Student Organizations may not co-sponsor or otherwise collaborate to exceed the five-day limitation.
    3. Displays may not be left in place overnight except with the permission of the Space Scheduler. Displays left in place overnight are done so at the sole risk and responsibility of the Sponsoring Organization and the University will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
    4. Subsequent to reserving the space and at least 7 business days in advance of the reserved date, the Sponsoring Organization must submit to the  Department of Physical Facilities a drawing of any proposed Display indicating the size and construction materials for review and approval.
    5. Displays may not be placed on the University Seal hub.
  3. Sponsoring Organizations using University Property are expected to leave their reserved space in the same or better condition than that in which they found it. This includes responsibility for returning equipment to its proper place, and removal of trash.
  4. Willful destruction or abuse of University Property by the Sponsoring Oranization or its Members or guests will result in forfeiture of the ability to reserve space, fines or charges for restitution and/or other University disciplinary action.
  5. Sponsoring Organizations using University Property will be responsible for injuries or hazards relating to or arising from its or its members use of the space or any display erected thereon.
  6. Use of the University Property may not obstruct or interfere with any other University activities.
  7. Use of University Property may not impede ingress or egress to the reserved space, any University property, parking lot, building, facility, or event and must comply with all fire and safety regulations.
  8. Sound amplification devices may be used at a volume which does not disrupt or distract from the normal use of classrooms, offices, or laboratories or any other scheduled University event:
    1. Use of amplification device(s) is prohibited on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. within 250 feet of an academic building. Sound Amplification is permitted indoors with the consent of the Responsible Building Official as long as it does not interfere with the use of other portions of the building.
    2. The use of amplification device(s) between Midnight and 8:00 a.m. is prohibited.
    3. Sound amplification devices may not be used in Residential Quad spaces after 10:00 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday. Sound amplification devices may not be used in Residential Quad spaces during finals week.
  9. Camping outdoors is prohibited except as part of a Student Organization activity in designated areas adjacent to the Shriver Center, on one of the Armstrong Student Center terraces and Phi Delta Theta Gates (corner of Campus Avenue and High Street). Such approval shall not exceed forty-eight (48) hours. Tents, awnings or other temporary structures/covers must be approved by Physical Facilities Department and all required permits must be obtained.
    1. Drinking water must be provided free of charge by the reserving Student Organization.
    2. Police and security needs must be reviewed and approved by the Miami University Police Department (See Event Policy).
    3. Generators, electrical, heating and cooking equipment are not permitted unless approved by the Physical Facilities Department.
    4. Portable toilets or suitable bathroom access arrangements must be made and approved by the Physical Facilities Department.
    5. No sponsored Non-affiliated users (e.g., vendors) are permitted.
    6. The individual members of the Student Organization requesting the overnight reservation will be held responsible for seeing that participants' behavior conforms to the Code of Student Conduct.
  10. Student Organization sponsored sales projects must be registered with the Office of Student Activities through the Hub ( and follow all of the guidelines at  
  11. Sponsoring Organizations may not sell, sponsor for sale or distribute any food items that need to be cooked or refrigerated without obtaining the proper vendor’s license from the Butler County Health Department. The use of the Community Kitchen in the Armstrong Student Center or elsewhere on campus for the purpose of food preparation for sale requires Food Safety Training or supervision by Dining Services.
  12. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all Outdoor Spaces unless all required permits are obtained and approved is given by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services (See University’s Policy on Alcohol and University Property). Student Organizations may not possess or use alcohol on University Property.
  13. Sponsoring Organizations may not sell parking spaces as part of an event.
  14. Displays and events using trucks (including food trucks and ice cream vendors) buses or semi-trailers (e.g. Blood Mobile, Mammography Bus, Pink Bus, etc.) are normally only permitted in the South Cook Field, Chestnut Fields and West Millet parking lots with the advance permission of the Miami University Police Department and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services. Food trucks during festivals may be permitted in other locations with the approval of the University Fire Marshall and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services. The approval of the Miami University Police Department is also required when a road must be closed or vehicle or pedestrian traffic will be interrupted by the food trucks. A Display and Events Request Involving Food Trucks and Food Vendors must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event for consideration. Vendors selling food items (including ice cream) must have a valid vendor's license on display and a copy of its most recent Department of Health inspection. Sponsoring organizations may not sponsor vendors that would place the University in breach of exclusive vendor contracts. Access to these spaces is limited and University sponsored displays and events have priority over Student Organization sponsored displays and events. Space will not be reserved for more than 24 consecutive hours. 
  15. Student Organizations may not sponsor fireworks, outdoor fires, or events involving the use of grills except in pre-established grilling areas at Dogwood Grove and Peffer Park. The University Fire Marshal and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services must authorize a University sponsored fireworks display or outdoor fire.


For purposes of this policy, a dance is any social gathering whose primary purpose is the promotion of free movement to amplified music in an unobstructed area on University property. The following additional requirements apply to dances:

  1. Only Miami University students with valid student identification cards and their accompanied guest(s) may attend a dance held in a campus facility. All event attendees are required to show a college or state-issued photo identification. Non-Affiliated persons under 18 years of age will not be admitted. A maximum of two guests per Miami student are allowed, and all guests must accompany the Miami student.
  2. Advance ticketing is required for dances. Tickets may be sold at the door up to one hour after the event begins.
  3. The number of tickets sold or distributed cannot exceed the estimation of guests approved or the room capacity.
  4. Tickets must be sequentially numbered.
  5. Tickets will state that a University or state-issued identification is required for entrance to the event.
  6. Online ticket sales may be conducted by utilizing the Campus Services office.


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