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Unclassified Staff | Temporary Reduction in Force for Unclassified Administrative Staff
Appropriate staffing is critical to the University's educational and research mission. When faced with changing economic and programmatic imperatives, Miami University recognizes that at certain times a temporary reduction in force may be necessary to meet the operational needs or resources of the University. A temporary reduction in force (RIF) ma
Grievance Procedures Available to Members of UAS
This policy governs the grievance procedures for unclassified administrative staff. A grievance is an unresolved issue concerning the interpretation and.or application of a University policy, practice, or procedure. The purpose of this grievance procedure is to enable members of the unclassified administrative staff to attempt to resolve differences and, where appropriate, obtain redress in matters directly affecting their employment with the University.
Search and Appointment Procedures
This policy governs the procedures for recruiting, selecting and appointing unclassified administrative staff.
Terms of Unclassified Administrative Staff Appointments
This policy governs the terms of appointment to the unclassified administrative staff.
Appointment Status and Annual Evaluation
This policy requires the designation of unclassified administrative staff (UAS) positions and requires each member of the UAS is to be evaluated at least once per fiscal year.
Job Responsibilities
This policy establishes the expected minimum working hours for unclassified administrative staff (UAS). As professional employees, UAS should think in terms of getting the job done rather than serving a set number of hours per day, week, or year.
Interim Disciplinary Procedures
This policy governs the discipline of unclassified administrative staff.
Position Elimination
This policy governs the elimination of unclassified administrative staff positions. Unclassified administrative staff (UAS) positions may be eliminated due to budget constraints (to include lack of funds or lack of work), reorganization, and reasons of efficiency or with the written approval of the appropriate vice president. The policy also governs the notice period and benefits forUAS whose positions are being eliminated.
Administrator Emeritus.Emerita Designation
This policy establishes the requirements for designation as an Administrator Emeritus/Emerita at Miami University.