Financial Obligations

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

Graduate Students


Students are responsible for viewing and paying their eBills. Class registrations are subject to cancellation for any student who fails to clear fees by the published due date. Students are financially responsible for their registration activity. Non-attendance does not constitute a dropped course (see Registration Procedures). Students who withdraw from the University may be eligible for a refund based upon the refund policy published online.

Services, including the release of all academic records of a student or former student (e.g., diploma and transcripts) and registration for future semesters, may be restricted until any past-due amount owed to the University is paid in full. This includes, but is not limited to, fees, tuition, charges, fines, and loans due to the University.

The University’s collection policy is published online.

Paying Fees

Students must be properly admitted to register or receive credit for a course. After talking with an adviser about course selection, students should register through MyMiami and BannerWeb and pay their tuition, general, network, and Metro fees either online on BannerWeb using electronic check or MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Diner’s Club (credit card transactions require a “convenience fee”), or in person at the One Stop office. If students register after July 31st they may not receive any type of invoice from the Office of the Bursar. It is the students’ responsibility to clear all fees at the One Stop, in a timely manner (Bill and Payment).

Tuition and Payment Guidelines for Graduate Award Holders

Graduate Award Holders (graduate assistantships and dissertation scholars) receive remission of up to 93% of the Instructional Fee and out-of-­state tuition surcharge (if applicable) for the period of their appointment, excluding winter term. The waivers also apply for up to sixteen (16) credit hours in the preceding or succeeding summer terms of their appointment.

Graduate assistants must pay the General fee (reduced), the Network service fee, and the Metro fee (reduced) at each registration. They have two options for paying these fees: fully pay at the start of each semester or use the payroll deduction program.

Health Insurance

All students must have health insurance. Bursar accounts will automatically be charged on fall semester invoices for Basic Coverage health insurance provided by Aetna. If students do not need the insurance, they can complete a waiver form at the Student Health Service’s webpage and their Bursar account will be credited. Students can purchase additional coverage by enrolling in Aetna’s Comprehensive Plan. Visit the Aetna student health insurance portal for more information at Aetna Student Health.

International students will be automatically billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan if they do not present proof of existing coverage to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services; contact Molly Heidemann at (513) 529-2512 for details.

Graduate award holders can have the cost of the insurance deducted automatically from their payroll checks (see the policy “Other Benefits for Graduate Award Holders” section “Retirement Plan”)

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