Register for Classes

Are You Ready to Register? 

If you are a continuing student, follow the steps below to meet with your advisor to select classes and then register during your Time Ticket. 

If you are a new incoming student, follow the instructions in your application materials and on the New Student Checklist on myMiami to complete the orientation process. You will meet with an advisor during your orientation advising appointment and then should skip to step #3 of this process. 

If you have previously completed coursework as a degree-seeking student at any of the three Miami campuses but have been away from Miami for a semester or more, you are a re-enrolling student. You should complete the re-enrollment form before registering for courses. After your re-enrollment application is completed, you can call our office at 513-727-3440 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Learn more about re-enrollment.

If you have never enrolled in classes but have applied to Miami Regionals before, contact Regionals Admission to update your application.

STEP 1: Ready...

Meet with your advisor to review your audit, confirm your degree plans and get course recommendations for next semester: 

  1. Confirm your faculty advisor (see instructions to the left)

  2. Make an advising appointment

  3. Prepare for your remote advising appointment if applicable

Run and review your degree audit before meeting with your advisor: 

  1. Log into myMiami and access BannerWeb

  2. Run your degree audit report

STEP 2: Get Set...

Your Time Ticket is a window of registration time in which you are able to add courses to your schedule. Time Tickets are designated by completed hours; juniors and seniors have earlier Time Tickets than sophomores or freshmen. To find your Time Ticket, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in to myMiami and access BannerWeb

  2. Click Student Services & Financial Aid

  3. Click Registration

  4. Click Check your Registration Status and Your Registration Dates & Times

If you note any holds, contact the One Stop for information on how to clear them.

STEP 3: Go!

Once you have identified which classes you need to complete your degree and Miami Plan requirements, you need to build your schedule. You likely have classes you need for your major, minor, or Thematic Sequence that you will search for by Subject. Search for these first, because there may only be one or two sections offered. After you've scheduled specific classes, you may complete your schedule with Miami Plan Foundation courses or electives.

Schedule your classes according to your degree audit, advisor recommendation, and time ticket: 

  1. Look up specific classes to add to your schedule using Course List
  2. Use BannerWeb to add courses to your schedule

  3. You can also drop courses from  your schedule in BannerWeb

  4. Confirm your classes in the Student Detail Schedule on BannerWeb

Banner Waitlisting and Registration Override Request (ROR)

Regional students have two options to waitlist classes:

  • Some Regional departments use the Banner Waitlisting system, allowing you to "get in line" for a spot in a class that is full. Both online and face-to-face classes have Banner Waitlisting options.  
  • Many Regional departments use the Registration Override Request (ROR) system to manage their course registration. The ROR system allows you to include information about your circumstances, such as a graduation timeline, and departments prioritize students who need into the class. Use this Registration Override Request Guide at the One Stop to add yourself to the Regional classes using the ROR system. 

Regional Departments Utilizing Banner Waitlisting

  • Biological Sciences (BSC): BIO, MBI, ZOO
  • Commerce (CMR): also utilizes a CMR course request form in addition to Banner Waitlist
  • Education & Society (EDS): FSW, SWK, KNH, TCE
  • Interdisciplinary & Communication Studies (ICS): AMS, BIS, BWS, COM, CRE, IDS, ITS, LAS, LST, STC. WGS
  • Language, Literatures & Writing (LLW): FRE, GER, SPN
  • Math & Physical Science (MPS): MTH, STA, GLG, PHY, CHM, IES, Env Earth S
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS): ATH, GEO, GTY, POL, PSY, PSS, SOC

Regional Departments Utilizing ROR

  • Justice & Community Studies (JCS): CJS
  • Computer Information Technology (CIT) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Engineering Technology (ENT)
  • Language, Literatures & Writing (LLW): ENG, EGS
    • no longer using ROR for foreign language courses
  • Humanities & Creative Arts (HCA): ART, AMS, CLS, CMA, HST, MAC, MJF, MUS, PHL, REL, THE

Oxford Departments and Divisions may be different

  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Farmer School of Business (FSB) use ROR
  • College of Creative Arts (CCA), Education Health & Society (EHS), and Engineering & Computing (CEC) vary by department; please contact the divisional advising office for instructions

Need More Information about Registration?

Find more information about registration at the One Stop.

Read through these registration tips to help you register for classes effectively


Summer & Fall 2023 Registration Dates

  • 3/13: Fall 2023 schedule viewable
  • 3/27: Time Tickets viewable
  • 4/5: Early Priority Registration
  • 4/6: Priority (Honors, Military, Work+)
  • 4/11 - 4/14: Junior & Senior Registration
  • 4/18 - 4/21: Sophomore & Freshman Registration
  • 4/25 @noon: Open Registration
  • 4/25 @noon: CCP Registration
  • Summer Registration ongoing