Internship Overview

Requesting your internship experience

Use Handshake to request for your experience to be documented and/or awarded academic credit. Complete the internship form no matter whether the internship experience is credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing, paid or unpaid or occurs during the academic year, winter term or summer term. 

Steps to Complete

  • Review the types of internships (see above).
  • For Extra-Curricular Internship - Select “Extra-Curricular Internship” 
  • For Curricular or Co-Curricular Internship - Select Your Academic Department and Internship Coordinator
  • Be prepared with the following information:Employer/Organization Name
    • Location
    • Industry
    • Phone Number
    • Email address
    • Internship Job Title
    • Department
    • Start/End Date
    • Employment Type (Seasonal, Full Time, Part Time)
    • Salary
    • Offer Date
    • Internship Site Supervisor First and Last Name
    • Internship Site Supervisor Title
    • Internship Site Supervisor Phone Number
    • Internship Site Supervisor Email Address
    • Other Compensation
    • Approximate number of hours you will work each week
    • Scheduled Hours
    • Number of Credit Hours you are requesting 0 (Zero) credit = less than 37.5 work hours
    • 1 credit = 37.5 total work hours
    • 2 credits = 75 total work hours
    • 3 credits = 112.5 total work hours
    • 4 credits = 150 total work hours
    • 5 credits = 187.5 total work hours
    • 6 credits = 225 total work hours
    • Where the internship will be conducted (Onsite, Virtually, Both)
    • Job Description
    • At least 3 Learning Objectives that relate to your major and Commerce courses
Please note: The form for Curricular and Co-Curricular Internships is the same. Students who complete the Curricular/Co-Curricular Internship Form will be registered into the internship course by the University Registrar.