Regional Primary Education Cohort (Grades PK-5)

Miami University’s Primary Education PK-5 program is driven by the Teacher Education Department's mission to prepare future and current teachers who design and implement culturally and contextually relevant curriculum and pedagogy. Empowered by a critical and substantive understanding of research, these teachers are positioned to confront social injustices, apply global perspectives, and actively participate in a democratic society. It is our curricular goal to create critically conscious curriculum makers for social justice in solidarity with communities in diverse contexts.

Selected Students receive the following benefits:

  1. 4 years of regional tuition rates at Miami University Hamilton Campus
  2. Dedicated faculty advisors
  3. Smaller class sizes
  4. Cohorted experience
    • Cohorts, groups of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree together, allow for a more supportive environment that enhances students knowledge and promotes continuous learning, reflection, and student networking.

Application Process:

All students interest in the Regional Primary Education Cohort (RPEC) must apply to Miami University Regionals and indicate Primary Education PK-5 as their program of interest. Applicants will electronically receive an additional form to complete the cohort application process. Students interested in applying for RPEC must complete the Cohort application form.

Note: This program is only for students coming directly out of high school. Current students and transfer students are not eligible to apply to the RPEC.

Priority Consideration:

Students who participated in a Teaching Professions Academy from the following high schools as well as high school graduates from Hamilton High School, Middletown High School, Winton Woods High School, and Princeton High School.

List of Teacher Academies as part of Miami University's Partnership:

  1. Loveland High School
  2. Anderson High School
  3. Springboro High School
  4. Turpin High School
  5. Sycamore High School
  6. Mason High School
  7. Lebanon High School
  8. Milford High School
  9. Taylor High School


Please contact Alli Huff with questions regarding the RPEC Regional cohort: