Perk Up Middletown

The City of Middletown, the Rotary Club of Middletown, the Middletown Arts Center, and the Miami University Regionals Middletown Campus are collaborating on Perk-Up Middletown, a public art project that aims to create small mural paintings on electrical boxes throughout the city. This project is intended to create more pride in the visual aesthetics of the downtown area and show that Middletown is a vibrant and exciting destination for visitors and residents alike. These murals will imbue the city with creative energy and establish an artistic identity of which Middletown can be proud.

The three Award Winners in 2019 were, Alexis Bruce, Samantha Gibbs, and Jiamin Su. They were all art students in ART 111 Design & Composition.
Alexis Bruce electrical box

By Alexis Bruce

Jiamin Su electrical box

By Jiamin Su

Sam Gibbs electrical box

By Sam Gibbs