Miami University Regionals Theatre

Miami University Regionals Theatre. Be a Voice not an Echo. 3 photos from different plays.

Theatre is alive and well and happening in Studio 307 on Miami Regionals' Hamilton campus! Check out upcoming opportunities and attractions below.

Year of the Rainbow

Miami University Regionals’ Theatre is proud to announce its 2019-2020 Season entitled The Year of the Rainbow. Both of our major productions will address the joys and struggles of the LGBTQ community. We will not only present these plays to the public, but also will host after-show discussion panels as well.

We’re Here will be our first offering. This production will be written, produced and presented by MUR Theatre and community members.

September 28—11 AM to 12:30 PM

November 21, 22, 23, 24—We’re Here Performance


We will host four FREE SLAMS this year.

Fall 2019:

Friday, September 20
Friday, October 18

SPRING 2020:

Friday, February 28
Friday, April 24


  • Doors Open and sign-up begins at 7:00 PM
  • If you don't want to perform, please come anyway and enjoy the show.
  • 7:30 PM--Free Slammage Begins. Everyone gets 10 minutes. You do not have to use the full 10 minutes, but you must limit yourself to 10 minutes.
  • We end at approximately 9:00, so get there early to get on this list before time runs out.


  • Basically, an open-mic night where any type of performance is more than welcomed.
  • Anyone can participate, students, faculty, staff and community members.
  • Perform anything you can come up with. Any type of material is welcomed and encouraged. For instance:
    • Poetry or Prose readings
    • Music
    • Stand UpRap
    • Improvisation
    • Dance
    • Speeches
    • Papers
    • Scenes, monologues from new or existing plays
    • The sky and beyond is the limit
  • NO CENSORSHIP!!! (Hate speech, however, will not be tolerated. The director will be the judge of the parameters of this term.)


Studio 307 (307 Phelps) / Miami University Hamilton campus / 45011


Miami Writes Program for New Plays by You
Facilitated by Bekka Eaton

About Miami Writes:

Miami Writes is a Miami University Hamilton Theatre program dedicated to the fostering and production of new plays by student and local playwrights. The program began in 2004. Past productions have included works by Brandon Berning (Miami Hamilton student playwright whose Miami Writes-developed play, A Painted Life, won second place in the 36th annual Great Lakes Region Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in 2005), Ruth Britt, Danielle Ervin, Roberta Flackwood and Bridget Ossmann. Ms. Ossmann’s work, the musical, Teachers Left Behind received a full production by MUH Theatre in 2010 in Parrish Auditorium. The Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative awarded this play and Ms. Ossmann’s more recent one, Purple Paint (a drama about a Kentucky coal mining family) the honor of readings at The Aronoff Center in Cincinnati. Allyson West’s 2015 Miami Writes submission winner, Texican, is now an award-winning film.

March 6—Miami Writes
7:30 PM
Studio 307 (307 Phelps)