Actors performing, holding strong physical poses. Text: Miami University Regionals Theatre: Be a Voice, Not an Echo
All in the Timing cast strike dramatic poses
Collage of performers acting and singing. Text: Miami University Regionals Theatre

Miami University Regionals Theatre

Hamilton Campus

Theatre is alive and well and happening in Studio 307 on Miami Regionals' Hamilton campus! Check out upcoming opportunities and attractions below.

Productions—spring 2018 

  • Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro—a play about military nurses and their issues during and coming home from the Vietnam War.

  • Performance dates: April 12, 13, 14—Studio 307

  • Cast:

    Martha......Ciarra Craft (MUH student)

    Maryjo......Alexandria Angel (Hamilton High School student)

    Sissy........Melissa Keller (MUH student)

    Whitney....Maggie Gardner (MUH Nursing alumnus)

    Leeann.....Madison Dungan (MUH student)

    Steele......Valencia Brown (MUH student)

    Soldier 1...James Christian Jr. (Cincinnati-area actor & playwright)

    Soldier 2...Alan Hawkins (MUH student)

Recruiting—fall 2017 & spring 2018

  • Meg Haven & Hamilton High
    • High School improv comedy workshop—Nov. 17 & Jan. 19, 2018